Can Your Broken Smart Phone be Fixed?

by Brandon Ackroyd - , Last Updated on September 4, 2016, How To Guides

Spending hundreds of pounds on a smart phone can be a good investment, after all, we all use our phones for far more than just making calls these days. But it is a big investment, and if you end up breaking or damaging your phone you stand to be out of pocket for a fair amount of cash. Our question today is whether or not your broken smart phone can be fixed, and that, of course depends on exactly what’s wrong with it. So we’re going to take a look at the most common smart phone problems and tell you if they’re worth fixing or not. Do be aware that some of these things will also depend on your phone model, and not all mobiles are as fixable as others. But whether you’ve dropped it in the bath, or shattered the screen, here’s how fixable that phone of yours is.

Screen Problems

We’ll start with what’s probably the biggest cause of mobile problems, and that’s a broken screen. Obviously a touch screen smart phone relies pretty heavily on having a functioning screen, and if you accidentally drop your screen and smash it then you’re left with a device that won’t do much at all. The good news is that broken screens are relatively easy to fix as long as it’s only the glass that’s broken. The common shattered screen will cost you probably around a hundred pounds or so to get fixed (depending on your phone type), but it’s a pretty easy fix. You can even do it yourself if you’re handy (parts will need to be ordered online and you’ll need some fancy tools though, so it’s probably better to hand it over to a professional).

The same goes for smaller screen issues like dead pixels. The display on most smart phones is easy to remove and therefore replace, and though it might cost you a bit to get it done, it’ll be much cheaper than buying a whole new phone.

Water Issues

The second most common kind of smart phone issue is water damage, and whether or not that’s fixable will depend on how much water you dropped your phone in and how long it was immersed for. If your phone gets wet then switch it off immediately. Dry the casing (the outside), and then try the old trick of burying your phone in a box of dry, uncooked rice. This isn’t an old wives tale, and can work, since the rice draws moisture out of the phone. Contrary to what some internet trolls will have you believe, microwaving your phone will NOT dry it out and WILL result in an exploded mobile and damaged microwave, so definitely don’t try this.

Once the phone has been in rice for around twenty four hours, take it out, remove the casing and dry off any water remaining inside, then try to switch it on. The bad news here is that if this doesn’t work, chances are that you’re going to be buying a new mobile. Most phones these days have special stickers inside that show when water damage has occurred, and once these stickers have been wet your warranty is voided and your mobile won’t be replaced.

There are a couple of companies on the market that are selling chemicals that promise to reverse water damage. These products are pretty new and it’s tough to say whether or not they work. The best plan is probably to try the rice trick first, and if that doesn’t work to try these chemicals, since at that point you have little to lose.

Battery Worries

Battery problems can occur, particularly in older phone models, since after a period of being constantly charged and used batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge. However, this is an easy fix. As long as your battery is removable, simply buy a new battery and replace it. The only problem here is if you don’t have a removable battery, in which case you’re going to need to contact your manufacturer (or even your mobile operator, who might help) to get your phone serviced and the battery replaced by a professional.

Software Scares

So what about if something goes wrong with your phone’s performance? In most cases this is going to be a software problem, and many mobile manufacturers will fix this for you, if necessary. Your first step if you have this kind of problem should be to do a factory reset on your mobile, which is pretty easy to do and could fix your phone. Firstly, if you can, back up any data that’s on your phone that you wish to keep, since factory resetting is going to erase everything on your mobile. Once backed up, go into the settings menu of your mobile and find factory reset, press it, and you’re done. Your mobile will probably switch itself off and back on again, and may now work perfectly. You will need to add your contacts, apps, and other data back in though. If your problem occurred right after downloading an update to your mobile’s operating system or an app then you might want to avoid that update for a while, since it may have caused the problem.

If factory resetting doesn’t work, then contact your phone manufacturer or mobile operator for more info, and you’ll probably find that they can fix your phone. The one exception to this is if you have tried to jailbreak your phone, route your phone, or have been doing something illegal that you shouldn’t have been doing. Whilst routing and jailbreaking are fairly safe, they do rarely result in a “bricked” phone, which won’t do anything at all. If this is your case then you’ll be buying a new mobile, since manufacturers and mobile operators won’t touched routed or jailbroken devices.

Casing Defects

Finally, if you drop your phone you might find that the outside casing gets dented, scraped or scratched. You can generally replace the casing on most mobile models, though the newer top end “uni-body” phones will probably need to be sent to the manufacturer to have the case replaced. The general rule is that if you can remove the battery on your phone then you should be able to replace the casing. Phone cases are fairly cheap, though you’ll probably need to order them online, but they are easy to replace as well.

The cost of buying a brand new phone can be pretty prohibitive, and in some cases you’ll find that your broken mobile is pretty easy to fix. So if you break, drop, sink, smash, or otherwise damage your mobile you might want to attempt getting it fixed before you think about investing in a new model!