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Compare cheap SIM free mobile phone deals using the Tiger Mobiles comparison engine. SIM free handsets are ideal if you just want a cheap mobile phone or dislike being tied to a long-term contract. We have phones available from less than £10 to order online including free delivery.

Our comparison tool shows all latest and best value SIM free mobile phones including the latest budget devices from Samsung and Huawei to the higher spec Apple iPhone XS. Choose a sim free phone below.

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What is a SIM Free Phone?

SIM free is pretty simple. All your are buying is the handset itself with no contract or tie-ins with a network operator. Of course, to use it you'll need to pair your sim free mobile phone with a SIM card. That will usually be a sim only deal such as a 30-day pre-paid rolling deal, a 12-month contract or a pay as you go SIM card.

The Good Side of Going SIM Free

Buying a sim free device has a few advantages. Firstly, although it's more expensive up front, it's cheaper in the long term. You're not buying a mobile contract, so there's no mobile phone to pay for each month. Once you have got the phone, you're only ever going to pay for the services that you actually use, as opposed to a contract deal when you pay for the handset in instalments. You also won't be tied to an operator, no contract means no commitment and you'll be free to switch to a different company any time you like.

Plus, because there's no contract you don't need to be over 18 and you don't need to pass a credit check. For young customers, a SIM Free phone paired with a PAYG plan is easy to budget for and teaches financial responsibility.

The Bad Side of SIM Free

This isn't really a bad side, but in the age of instant gratification, people want things immediately. As a result, to go SIM Free you are going to have to buy a phone outright. With the level of savings for many people in the UK at an all-time low, parting with £500 or a £1000 for a phone simply isn't an option. Which is why iPhone deals with no upfront cost are extremely popular and most customers opt for traditional contract phones to get the latest devices.

If you don't have access to the money for the phone you want today, we recommend either saving up or choosing a slightly cheaper device. Many of the Chinese phones from Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor rival the likes of Samsung and Apple on specs but come in at a much cheaper price.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIM Free Devices

Can I use any SIM Card with a SIM Free Phone?

Yes, providing the handset is unlocked. Virtually all retailers will sell SIM free phones in an unlocked state meaning it will work no matter what SIM card you put in it. This is also beneficial because it increases the phones resale value, an unlocked device is a more attractive proposition to buyers.

One thing to be aware of is what size SIM card the sim free phone you are buying accepts. This isn't a problem if you're putting in a brand new SIM card as it can be broken down from standard to nano and then to micro. However, if you want to use the SIM card that's in your existing phone, it could be a different size if it's an older phone. Strictly speaking, most modern smartphones take micro SIM's. Standard and nano are becoming less common.

Are all SIM Free Phone Unlocked?

Most are yes, and the retailer should inform you on the product page if that's not the case. Virtually all the retailers in our comparison feed like and e2save sell their devices in an unlocked state meaning you can use a sim card from any network on them. Even foreign SIM's if you are travelling and buy a local SIM card.

What About SIM Free iPhones?

If you buy an iPhone directly from Apple then the phone will be unlocked. Should you buy through another mobile phone retailer like Carphone Warehouse it will lock to the network of the first sim that is used in the phone.

Is there a difference between an unlocked phone and a SIM free phone?

In most cases, they are the exact same thing. That's because most SIM Free phones are sold unlocked. The only time the two differ is when a SIM free phone is tied to a specific network. For it to work you would need to either get the device unlocked, or use a SIM card from the network provider the phone is locked to.

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