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Been rejected for a contract phone? Or have no credit history? No problem thanks to our range of No Credit Check SIM Only Deals. All deals listed below from our partners do not carry out a credit check when you apply. There are no tie-ins, in fact, the deals operate on a rolling monthly basis, and you can cancel at any time without any financial penalty. All you need to get started is a mobile phone that’s unlocked.

We compare deals from giffgaff and Freedompop. To get started choose your ideal SIM-only plan from the deals available below.

No Credit Check SIM Only Deals
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Can’t Get a Mobile Phone Contract? Try a No Credit Check SIM-Only Deal

If you’re struggling to get a mobile phone deal due to bad credit or no credit history then rest assured that there’s no need for alarm. Many networks offer deals that don’t require credit checks. What’s more, they’re actually very good value. What you want is called a no credit SIM-only deal. These tend to be short-term with the option to cancel or upgrade/downgrade at short notice.

What is a no credit SIM-only deal?

Long-term mobile phone deals almost always require a credit check. It makes sense since a mobile phone contract can be a long-term commitment, often for as much as 1 to 2 years. Networks then use a credit check as a precaution to avoid any potential problems.

Thankfully there are plenty of SIM-only plans to choose from. As the name suggests, you’re only given a SIM. This is different to a typical contract which usually includes a mobile phone and maybe even a ‘free’ gift. SIM-only deals typically last a month at a time and offer very good value.

To get an SIM-only mobile phone deal all you need is an unlocked phone and a banking account to pay. While your chosen network won’t do a credit check, they may do an ID check to fight fraud.

What are the advantages of a no credit SIM-only deal?

  • Great value: Consider the typical mobile phone contract. With that contract, the network will include a mobile phone in the deal. However, these deals don’t usually offer the best value as the customer ends up paying a lot more than the cost of the phone over the whole contract. With a SIM-only deal, you only get a SIM and thus can pay a lot less each month.
  • Flexible: Not only is a no credit SIM-only deal great value, it’s also very flexible. These deals only last a month so unlike most contracts, you’re not committed long-term. As such, you can upgrade or downgrade whether you’re using too much or too little of your allowance. You can even cancel at what is usually 30 days’ notice if you find a better deal with another network.
  • Your own phone: With so many choices on the market, choosing a mobile phone can take time. It’s only human to occasionally choose the wrong mobile phone. The problem is that if you’re stuck in a 1 or 2 year contract, you’re paying for that mobile phone whether you decide to keep it or not. With a No Credit Check SIM Only deal you can keep your mobile phone and change it whenever you want. That way you can better keep an eye out for the best deals on the high street and online!

Are there any disadvantages of no credit SIM-only deals?

The great value and flexibility offered by SIM-only deals makes them an option worth seriously considering. Perhaps one disadvantage is that while the majority of networks offer SIM-only deals, most require credit checks. You can avoid this problem by choosing one of the following networks with no credit SIM-only deals.

Which networks offer no credit SIM-only deals?


If your mobile phone usage is particularly low, you’ll love FreedomPop. That’s because FreedomPop offers a uniquely free service. With a FreedomPop SIM, you can have 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data for free. You’ll only be charged if you exceed this allowance. If you feel it’s not enough, you can always go for a higher allowance. For example, 16GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts is just £9.99 a month! Your phone must be on iOS or Android since you will have to download the FreedomPop app. Keep in mind that there is a small one-off fee for the SIM.


For good network coverage, Giffgaff is a safe bet since it uses O2’s network. What’s more, you’ll have the additional advantage of 4G internet. Much like FreedomPop, Giffgaff offers a variety of cheap plans to suit all levels of usage. In the case of Giffgaff, these plans are called ‘goodybags’. The calls, texts, and data in each goodybag last one month and it’s very easy to change your tariff if it turns out to be too much or too little. One example of a plan is the £10 goodybag which includes 1GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. Better still, calls and texts to Giffgaff numbers are free.

ASDA Mobile

Many people don’t realise that ASDA offers far more than just groceries. They have a mobile branch that offers equally good value SIM plans as well. Much like with FreedomPop and GiffGaff, ASDA Mobile’s SIM plans are monthly. You will get a free SIM card and can then add on a bundle that suits. For £10 a month you can have 1.5GB of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts.     It’s worth knowing that there is no 4G with ASDA mobile. On the plus side, they use EE which means excellent mobile phone coverage across the UK.

The People’s Operator

Making The People’s Operator your network of choice will undoubtedly make you feel good about yourself. That’s because 10% of every mobile phone bill you’re charged goes to a charity of your choice! Add in the fact that The People’s Operator offers cheap SIM-only plans and it’s definitely one to consider. You’ll have no problem with coverage since, like ASDA Mobile, they use EE’s network. A £9.99 plan provides 2.5GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts.


The network of Carphone Warehouse, iD is relatively new having launched in 2015. It focuses on offering simple and affordable 4G plans. iD shares the network of Three which is currently expanding its 4G coverage. A £10 per month plan gets you 4GB of data, 500 minutes and a whopping 5000 texts.  Advantages include plans such as GoTo and ShockProof. With GoTo, you can roll over unused data to the next month while ShockProof plans allow you to set a cap on your usage to avoid any nasty bills.