How Mobile Cashback Deals Work

by - Last Updated on September 9, 2016

Cashback deals can be a great way of saving on the cost of your mobile or mobile bills, and they’re a common incentive offered by companies as you have seen across our site. The way they work is fairly simple. You’ll sign a contract, and in return the company or provider will promise you a certain amount of money back.

This money might be a one off payment (instant) at the end of your contract (or less usually a one off payment after a set period of time, such as three months), or it might be a set of smaller monthly payments (redemption). You may have to do certain things to get your money, the most common of these being providing a copy of your mobile phone bill. The bottom line is that you get savings.

In terms of making a successful claim – then instant cashback is easy as you rarely have any other obligations to fulfil. Redemption is a little more complicated as you have to send in bills specified. This is all laid out for you when you take out the contract and as long as you submit the right bills, within the timeframe then you won’t have any issues.

When you take out the contract the retailer will specify which bills they require, when you should send them by and where you send them too. With each bill they receive you will be paid a set amount of cash back as set out in the deal you took advantage of providing you have met your all obligations and stuck within the terms of the deal. The extra hassle is the sending of bills and keeping organised so you send the right ones and on time but the benefit is of course the money you recoup.

In terms of what you need to know about cashback there are rules that companies have to abide by.

The first and most important of these rules is that the company must give you appropriate details about the offer. If you’re buying in person this can be done verbally or in writing (tip: request the offer in writing anyway, it’s best to have a record), and if you’re buying over the phone you will be told the details, and the company then has to send you the details via email or letter.

So what are they required to tell you? There are three things. Firstly, they must tell you which company is giving you the offer, and this could be your mobile provider, but it could also be the shop or branch that you’re buying from. Secondly, they must tell you exactly what you will get, including the amount of money, any limitations or deductions that can be made, and when you can expect to receive your cash. Thirdly, they must tell you ALL the terms and conditions of the offer.

There are also limitations on what the company giving you the offer can and can’t do. These limitations are generally along the following lines. They must give you at least sixty days to apply for the offer, and you can’t be charged any money for applying. The company cannot require you to send originals of bills, though they can require you to send them copies of bills. If you failed to qualify for a cashback offer in the past, the company is not allowed to automatically disqualify your application the next time, they must go through the complete vetting procedure again. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the company cannot refuse to give you your cash just because you have money owing on your account. They can, however, refuse to give you your cash if you consistently don’t pay your mobile bills, or if they think that you’re trying to defraud the company.

Cashback schemes are relatively strictly controlled these days, and most, if not all, of them are above board. If you feel that a company is not abiding by the rules, your best bet is to head to the OFCOM website and get information about reporting the company to the appropriate authorities. In today’s economy, cashback mobile plans can be perfect, just make sure that your company is keeping to the law – and any company you find here on Tiger Mobiles will be.