7 Things to Know About Your New iPhone 6S

by Sandra Henshaw - , Last Updated on September 4, 2016, Buying Guides

All excited about your new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? You should be, this is one of the greatest phones on shelves right now! The 6S is the fastest, coolest iPhone yet, but there are a few things that you should know about it. Whether you already have your device or you’re just thinking about investing, here’s the most important things to know about the 6S, so get reading!

Pink is Pink

Okay, we’re going to start off with something aesthetic here. Many of us these days buy our phones online, and you might be intrigued by the new Rose Gold option that Apple are offering on the iPhone 6S. But… it’s pink. More pink than you might think, and definitely more pink than it appears in pictures. If pink is your thing, then go for it. If you’re looking for something a little more manly though, opt for Space Grey maybe?

4K Video is Awesome, But…

That vamped up new camera set on the 6S is very cool, and you’re even getting more MPs for the rear cam, something we haven’t seen from Apple for a long time. Alongside those clearer, better pictures, you get the ability to film full 4K video. That means sharp, focussed movies, but buyer beware. That 4K video takes up a lot of space in your memory banks, and we mean a lot. If you’re going to be shooting a lot of video you’re going to want to upload it directly to the Cloud rather than storing it on your phone (check out the camera settings in app to do this), especially if you only opt for the 16 GB memory version of the phone.

You Might Need that Fingerprint Code

Given the criticism of Apple’s fingerprint scanner when it first appeared you might be one of those people that prefers a more traditional password or passcode. However, if you’re planning on using Apple Pay, the new digital wallet service, you’re going to have no choice but to set up your fingerprint ID, since it’s a requirement of the system. The good news is that fingerprint recognition is faster than ever, and Apple are promising more it’s secure than ever as well. As an added tip, you can add the fingerprint of someone else if you want to (if you trust them enough to open your phone) by going into the settings and then passcode menu.

There are Defaults You Might Not Want…

The new iOS9 is very cool, with a bunch of new features. But some of those features are turned on by default, and you might not want them that way. There are three big offenders here.

The first is low power mode. This switches on automatically when your phone reaches 20% battery to save power, but it does dim the screen and make the phone slightly slower. If you would rather control low power mode manually then head into the settings and the battery menu to toggle it off.

The second is WiFi Assist. This ignores WiFi signals that are significantly slower than your 3G or 4G signal, meaning that if a WiFi connection is sluggish your phone will use cellular data instead. If you’re worried about running up your phone bill or maxing out your data plan then you might want to go to settings then cellular then switch off WiFi Assist…

The last of these offenders is maybe the most worrying, and that’s Find My Friends. In older iOS versions this used to be an app you needed to install, but now it’s default, and it’s switched on by default as well. Whilst it might be cool to be able to see where your iPhone owning friends are at any given time, you might not want people to know where you are all the time. That means heading into the app, finding its settings and switching off the location service. The app can’t be deleted!

But There are Some Nice Additions Too…

A couple of big sticking points with Apple devices have been solved either with the 6S or by iOS9. The first of these is multiple selection for pictures. Browsing through your iPhone camera pics and selecting ones you wanted to remove or delete used to be a pain, since you had the option to perform actions on one picture at a time or for every picture in the album, but nothing in between. You can now select multiple pictures. Just touch the first picture you want and then drag your finger to include all the others.

Second up is a problem that has made Apple users jealous of Android fans for years: the back button. Whilst Android devices come with a back button that allows you to return to a previous screen or app, Apple devices in the past have missed out. Now there’s an added “back to previous app” icon, which appears in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Not All Apps are Optimised Yet

The new 3D touch display is very cool, but not all apps have been optimised to take full advantage of it yet. There are a handful of well known names that have, however, including things like Shazam, instagram, Dropbox and Pinterest. Developers are hard at work on updates and new apps for the 6S though. This means that you might want to stay on top of updating your apps for a while, since you’re likely to be getting some pretty major changes that you won’t want to miss out on!

It’s Not as Skinny as Before

Last, but not least, there’s the fact that the iPhone 6S’s profile isn’t quite as svelte as you might like, and it’s definitely fatter than the older iPhone 6 model. Rumour has it that this is simply because of the new 3D touch screen tech. However, since the extra thickness does make the 6S more robust (and less likely to bend in your pocket), we’re wondering if this might have something to do with it… The extra thickness isn’t that much, but it’s noticeable if you’re used to using an iPhone 6.