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Use our comparison service to find the best VOXI SIM only deals available right now. All the sim only plans are rolling 30-day deal, so you can opt in and out whenever you want with no ties in like a traditional 12 months sim only contract. All VOXI deals come with unlimited social data, which means you can use Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Pinterest and Facebook Messenger without eating your regular data allowance. Compare and save today.

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Voxi SIM Only Deals

Voxi is an MVNO than are excellent for big social media and instant messaging users. Voxi is an offshoot of major mobile network Vodafone and uses Vodafone’s infrastructure to provide service.

Key Features of Voxi Deals

Voxi offers simple, easy to understand plans for cheap prices. Originally, the plans were limited to customers aged 30 or below but this restriction was removed in April 2019.

One of the biggest draws of Voxi is that they offer “endless social data.” This means that you can use as much (free) data as you like on social media sites and messaging apps. Currently, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are included under the heading of social media, and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber are included under the heading of instant messaging. Any data you use with these apps will not be deducted from your monthly data limit.

However, you will need to have data remaining on your plan, if you use up all your monthly data then you will lose access to endless social data. You will also need to have an active 30-day plan with the network, once that plan has ended (or been used up) you will again lose access to endless social data.

Voxi also provides users with a free phone case when signing up. All cases are designed by new, young British artists, like Super Freak and Josh McKenna.

You will also get a £10 Amazon voucher for every friend that lists you as a reference when they sign up to Voxi.

Pricing and Bundles: SIM Only

Voxi offers only 30-day contracts. These are rolling contracts that automatically renew every month, but that can be cancelled at the end of any 30 day period, meaning you get plenty of flexibility. These plans are all pre-paid, meaning you pay before you use the bundle, so technically are really PAYG. However, since they all automatically renew there isn’t much difference between these and a regular 30 day SIM Only contract.

There are four 30-day plans available from Voxi:

  • Unlimited calling minutes and texts, and 8 GB of data for £10 a month
  • Unlimited calling minutes and texts, and 20 GB of data for £15 a month
  • Unlimited calling minutes and texts, and 45 GB of data for £20 a month
  • Unlimited calling minutes, texts and 5G data for £35 a month.

Remember, all those plans include endless social data, so if you’re a big Facebook or WhatsApp user all the data you use will not be deducted from your monthly limit.

Unlike most operators, Voxi do NOT allow you to buy add-on products for extra minutes, texts and data. Minutes and texts shouldn’t be a problem since all Voxi plans have unlimited calling and texting. However, once you have used your monthly data limit you will NOT be able to access your mobile internet connection (including apps covered by the endless social data plan) until the next month’s billing cycle starts.

Voxi do, however, have a couple of other add-on products, for video and music. These give you endless streaming (i.e. streaming where data is not deducted from your monthly limit) for various apps. The two plans are:

  • The Voxi Video Pass: endless streaming for Netflix, Amazon Go Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer, DisneyLife, Vevo, and UKTV Play for £7 a month
  • The Voxi Music Pass: endless streaming for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud, Napster, and Amazon Prime Music for £5 a month.

Out of Bundle Charges: SIM Only

One of the benefits of using Voxi is that you cannot be charged out of the bundle. All plans have unlimited texting and messaging, and once your mobile data limit is used up you will no longer have access to data. This means no surprise bills.

Pricing and Bundles: PAYG

Technically, Voxi’s 30-day plans are already PAY, since they are all pre-paid. However, you can opt out of those 30-day plans if you like. Doing so might not be to your benefit though. If you opt out of the plans you will have no mobile data at all. You will also have to pay regular prices for calling and texting. Currently, those prices are 30p per minute for calls, 14p per text message, and 45p per picture message (MMS).

Unused Data Offerings

Voxi does not currently offer data rollover. This means that any unused data at the end of your billing cycle simply disappears.

Voxi Network and Coverage

Voxi is an MVNO, meaning it does not own its own mobile infrastructure and instead rents it from a major operator, in this case, Vodafone. This means that coverage with Voxi is exactly the same as it is with Vodafone. Vodafone gets 98% 2G coverage, 96% 3G coverage, and 96% 4G coverage across the UK. It is always best to double check mobile coverage before committing to a contract though. You can do this easily by accessing the coverage map on Voxi’s website, or by using the OFCOM UK mobile coverage checker app.

Voxi and Tethering

Tethering allows you to connect your phone (using a USB cable, WiFi or Bluetooth connection) to another device such as a tablet or laptop. Your other device can then use your mobile data plan to get online. Tethering is completely permitted with Voxi, so you are within your rights to use it as much as you like. However, do be warned that tethering tends to eat into that monthly data limit quite quickly.

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