EE SIM Only Deals – Compare and Find The Best Offers

Compare EE SIM Only Deals

EE brands itself as the UK’s largest 4G network, so if you’re looking for superfast mobile data speeds, it could be the network for you. EE offers a wide range of both SIM only and PAYG deals, making it a very flexible option for most people.

EE SIM Only Deals – Compare and Find The Best Offers

Key Features of EE SIM Only Deals

As well as offering great flexibility and a range of sim only plans, EE does also offer some great features. They do have a data gifting plan, that allows you to gift any of your unused data to friends or family who also use EE. And they practise data rollover, which lets you push that unused data into the next month (this can only be done in from one month to another, not multiple times).

EE offers data capping as well, which lets you set a data limit on your phone so that you don’t accidentally exceed your package limit and get extra charges. And they’re the only UK network that offers WiFi calling, letting you use your EE number through an internet calling service when on WiFi (saving you calling minutes or charges). Plus, EE does provide WiFi on the London Underground, so if you live in the city, you should get decent coverage.

In general, EE rewards customer loyalty which has gone down well with a number of EE customers who've left reviews. The longer you stay with a plan, the more benefits you get. If you’re a SIM only customer you get an extra 500 MB of data added to your plan for free every three months (and this is cumulative, so you’ll go from 2 GB to 2.5 GB and then to 3 GB and so on). If you’re a PAYG customer you’ll get a bonus every time you renew a PAYG bundle for three consecutive months. This bonus depends on which bundle you buy, but the bonus always includes extra data, minutes and texts.

Pricing and Bundles: SIM Only

All of EE’s SIM regular SIM only plans are for twelve months, and there are six plans available all of which contain unlimited texts and minutes, so prices depend on data:

  • £11 for 250 MB of data
  • £14 for 1 GB of data
  • £17 for 3 GB of data
  • £20 for 10 GB of data
  • £21 for 20 GB of data
  • £35 for 40 GB of data

In addition to this, EE also offers something called a Flex Plan. This combines SIM only and PAYG. You still have a monthly limit for text/minutes/data, but you pre-pay (paying the month before rather than the month after). These are 30-day contracts, rather than longer 12-month contracts. All Flex plans contain unlimited text messages, and the plans are:

  • 1000 minutes and 2 GB of data for £10
  • 2000 minutes and 5 GB of data for £15
  • 3000 minutes and 10 GB of data for £25
  • 3000 minutes and 20 GB of data for £30

Pricing and Bundles: PAYG

If you’re interested in PAYG service, then EE is unique in that it generally doesn’t actually offer the ability to just top up your phone with credit and then use that as you wish. Instead, you have to buy bundles that contain a limit of texts/minutes/data. Unlike with Flex plans you can buy another bundle whenever you like (as opposed to waiting until the month has finished). Credit is valid for only 30 days once purchased, however. EE calls these Everything Packs, and again, you have six choices:

  • 100 minutes, 250 texts, 150 MB of data for £5
  • 250 minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB of data for £10
  • 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 2 GB of data for £15
  • 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, 4 GB of data for £20
  • 2000 minutes, unlimited texts, 8 GB of data for £25
  • 3000 minutes, unlimited texts, 16 GB of data for £30

If you don’t have a smartphone, and therefore don’t need data, there are a couple of other options. You can get cheaper non-data packs:

  • 25 minutes, 50 texts for £1 valid for 7 days
  • 5000 minutes, unlimited texts for £10 valid for 30 days

Alternatively, you can simply pay the “out of bundle” charges listed in the section below. However, this option is NOT available to people with smartphones who access data.

Out of Bundle Charges

For usage outside of a bundle, there are extra charges. Calling is 35p per minute, texts are 15p each, MMS are 40p each. However, there is no way to use data in this fashion. In order to use data outside of your bundle, you will need to buy an additional data pack (on either PAYG or SIM only). Your data pack choices are:

  • 100 MB of data (plus 10 minutes and 10 texts) for £1, valid for 7 days
  • 2 GB of data (plus a further 100 minutes and unlimited texts) for £10, valid for 30 days
  • 5 GB of data (plus a further 500 minutes and unlimited texts) for £15, valid or 30 days.

Unused Data Offerings

As mentioned above, EE does have two programmes to help with unused data. You can gift your data to anyone else who also uses EE for service. Alternatively, if you’re on an EE SIM only contract any unused data can roll over to the next month. Unused data from January can roll over to February, but cannot roll over again to March. However, unused data from February itself can roll over to March. If you’re on a PAYG bundle, data does NOT roll over.

Network and Coverage

EE has excellent coverage across the UK. They get 99% coverage for 2G, 98% coverage for 3G, and  97% coverage for 4G (by far the best 4G coverage in the country). In addition to this, EE also offers a double speed 4G service (which gets speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s as opposed to the 15 Mbit/s speeds of regular 4G) to around 75% of the country. You’ll need to check the coverage map on the EE website to see if 4G and double speed 4G are available in your local area.

EE SIM Only and Tethering

If you want to be able to use your mobile data for tethering (using your phone as a hotspot to allow your computer or another device to go online) then the good news is that EE sim only deals do not have any restrictions on tethering at all. You’re free to use your phone and data plan any way you wish. This includes PAYG plans, which other networks often forbid from tethering.

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