BT SIM Only Deals – Compare and Find The Best BT Mobile SIM Deals

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Use our quick comparison tool to find the best 4G BT SIM only deals available on the market right now. Powered by EE, the BT network has a range of perks including £5 monthly discount for existing BT broadband customers and some great discounted BT Family SIM deals. Compare and save today.

Compare BT SIM Only Deals
BT SIM Only Deals – Compare and Find The Best BT Mobile SIM Deals

BT, or British Telecom, is probably one of the most recognisable brand names around when it comes to telecommunications. However, they are best known for their landline, rather than their mobile services. But BT Mobile do offer a range of SIM only deals for mobile users. Whilst these mobile services are open to anyone, do note that BT landline or broadband customers do get cheaper prices on BT mobile plans than standalone customers.

Key Features of BT Deals

There are several BT SIM only deals available, all with a range of different data caps, though all include unlimited texts and calling minutes. You also have the option of getting a family SIM plan, which gives you cheaper prices the more SIM cards you connect to your account. Currently, BT does NOT offer PAYG services.

As a BT customer, you will get access to several extras. You will save £5 a month if you choose to get a BT broadband plan for your home. Combining mobile and broadband services with one operator is a good way of saving money, so if you’re thinking about switching to BT mobile, you may also want to consider switching to BT broadband.

You’ll also have access to BT WiFi hotspots. There are over 5 million of these hotspots across the UK, giving you free WiFi wherever you can find a connection. The BT website includes a hotspot map where you can enter your postcode to find hotspots close to you.

BT also offers spending caps, which is a good way to prevent costly extra bills. You can choose to cap your bill at anywhere from £5 to £200 for out of plan usage. This means that you’ll be able to use up your entire monthly plan, PLUS whatever your spending cap is set to.

Finally, if you opt for a big data plan (anything with 6GB or more of data included), you’ll get access to BT Sport, a mobile app that lets you watch live sport including FA Cup games.

BT SIM Only Pricing

All BT SIM only deals are on 12-month contracts, and all provide you with unlimited texting and calling. The only variable here is the monthly data limit. Currently, BT offers the following options:

  • 500 MB of data for £13.00
  • 1 GB of data for £15.00
  • 3 GB of data for £18.00
  • 6 GB of data for £20.00
  • 12 GB of data for £21.00
  • 15 GB of data for £23.00
  • 20 GB of data for £25.00
  • 40 GB of data for £30.00

These prices do NOT include the potential £5 per month discount for having a BT broadband plan as your home internet provider.

BT also offers family plans. This means that one person signs up for a contract and then adds more SIM cards that have the same data limit for a lower cost. Hypothetically, if you choose the £15 a month 3GB plan, then a second SIM can be added with the same 3 GB data limit for £13 a month, a third for a further £12 a month, a fourth for £11 a month, and a fifth for £10 a month. If you have a large family, those savings can really add up.

Finally, if you’re interested in extra data speeds on top of regular 4G, you can opt to add an Extra Speed add-on to any plan for £4 a month (this add-on is automatically included in plans that have 15 GB or more of data).

Out of Bundle Charges

If you go over your monthly limit for data, then you will be charged 10p per MB of data for any extra data you use. However, setting a spending cap on your bill should mean that extra charges don’t get too costly. BT does allow mobile users to either upgrade or downgrade their phone plan once per 12-month contract, so you have a little flexibility there. However, BT does NOT allow you to roll over unused data to the next month.

Network and Coverage

BT actually uses the network from mobile operator EE to provide its mobile service. The good news here is that EE has 99% coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G service, meaning you’re likely to get good reception no matter where you are. EE also offers Extra Speed 4G (giving download speeds of up to 60 Mbit/s as opposed to regular 4G which offers download speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s) to around 80% of the UK. You’ll need to check the BT coverage map on their website to see if Extra Speed is available in your local area.

BT and Tethering

Tethering is a way of using your mobile data as a hotspot to connect to your computer or other devices enabling them to go online. Some networks do forbid tethering. However, as of 2016, BT has allowed tethering on all their mobile contracts. So if you’re looking for a phone plan that will allow you to turn your mobile into a WiFi hotspot, then BT should be a great option.

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