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About Plusnet

There have been plenty of new networks popping up in recent years and Plusnet is one of the very newest. Here you can find everything you need to know about Plusnet in our quick guide.

Quick fire Questions

When was Plusnet founded?

Plusnet Mobile started in late 2016.

Are they an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)?

Yes. Plusnet uses EE’s network

What sort of tariffs do they offer?

Plusnet offers SIM only deals.

Do they offer 4G?

Yes.  In fact, the 4G network they use (EE) is the most extensive in the UK.

About Plusnet Mobile

A provider of broadband, landline and TV services, Plusnet launched Plusnet Mobile in November 2016. Much like its existing services, Plusnet mobile is intended to offer a simple service. For an example of this, just take a look at the aptly named ‘legal bit’ on their website, and you’ll find that it’s refreshingly easy to follow.

As a network that offers SIM only contracts, Plusnet doesn’t sell handsets. Instead, its focus is on providing good value 30-day rolling contracts. This makes Plusnet ideal for those who already have a handset that they wish to continue using as well as those who enjoy the flexibility of exploring the market to buy an unlocked phone. Contracts only run for a month at a time, so there’s no long-term commitment of 12 or 24 months as with many contracts.Since Plusnet is on the EE network, expect excellent 4G services.

Plusnet’s Mobile’s Tariffs

Plusnet currently offers five different SIM only packages. So whatever your level of usage, you should find something to fit your needs. The only exception is if you’re a heavy user of data since there are no unlimited data plans. In fact, the maximum data package is 4GB unless you include a bolt-on which then takes your data allowance up to 8GB per month. Even this may not be enough for those heavy data users.

The cheapest SIM only package comes in at just £5.00 per month and includes 500MB, 200 minutes and 500 texts. The priciest of the 5 packages is still cheap in comparison to many offerings from rival networks at only £15.00 per month. This includes 4GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. If you’re an existing Plusnet customer, then you can enjoy even more perks such as an increased data allowance.

As with many networks nowadays, Plusnet takes the worry out of mobile phone bills with capped contracts. In contrast, additional data, texts and minutes are quick and easy to add with various bolt-on options available.

Advantages of Plusnet

+ UK’s widest 4G coverage

+ Affordable tariffs

+ UK based customer service

+ Smart cap avoids overspending on bills

Disadvantages of Plusnet

– Limited choice of plans

– Low data allowance

– No handsets

Did you know?

Existing Plusnet customers are eligible for even better rates. These ‘mates rates’ could be anything from cheaper packages or increased data allowances.

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