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Get a great pay monthly deal on the Tesco Mobile Network, all the latest handsets at low prices.

If you're looking for affordable mobile service with a wide range of plans and phone options, as well as the possibility of a capped contract, then Tesco Mobile could be the operator for you. Offering great plans and cheap prices, you'll get fast internet and reliable service. Sound interesting? Then check out the selection of deals available with Tesco Mobile on TigerMobiles.com by using the simple comparison tool below!

Tesco Mobile
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About Tesco Mobile

Overview of Tesco Mobile

Launched in 2003 Tesco Mobile is owned by supermarket giant Tesco. They're known not only for cheap pricing but also great family plans and budget-friendly capped contracts. Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network to provide service in the UK. There's a wide selection of both phone plans and incentive phones available.

Key Information

Tesco Mobile is a carrier network, which means that though it offers its own phone plans it actually uses O2's infrastructure to provide service. That means you get the advantages of O2's reliability, 99% UK coverage and fast 4G mobile data network, as well as the opportunity to get affordable phone plans and great deals from Tesco.

When it comes to phone plans Tesco Mobile has something for everyone. There are traditional long-term contracts, short-term options, Pay As You Go choices, as well as incentive phones and plenty of add-ons should you need something more tailored to your needs.

You'll have the choice of tons of phones, from big-name flagships to more budget-friendly models. Whatever you're looking for, Tesco Mobile will have something to fit your needs, and all at great prices too.

Tesco Mobile is one of the few UK operators to offer capped contracts, meaning you put a monthly spending limit in your contract and your phone bill will never exceed that amount. They also have plenty of family-friendly plans as well as special apps and services to keep kids safe on their mobiles.

Perks of Using Tesco Mobile

  • Wide coverage
  • Capped contracts
  • Fast mobile internet
  • Wide choice of plans and phones

If you want mobile service that's fast and reliable as well as affordable then this could be the operator for you. With capped contracts and loads of family-friendly services, this is a great choice for kid's phones too! Think Tesco Mobile could be for you? Then use our simple comparison tool to find the best Tesco Mobile deals around!

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