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Get a great pay monthly deal on the Network, all the latest handsets at low prices.

If you’re looking for flexible and easy to understand mobile service contracts then check out the range of Talkmobile pay monthly deals and hand sets. With economic pricing, simple contract options, and tons of phones to choose from, Talkmobile is a great choice for anyone looking for savings. All you need to do to get started checking Talkmobile deals is use our simple comparison tool below!

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Overview of Talkmobile

Talkmobile was launched in 2007 by Carphone Warehouse and is an online only mobile service provider. Because Talkmobile don’t need to pay big bills for brick and mortar shop fronts, they get to save money, and those savings get passed along to you, the customer! The company was bought by Vodafone in 2015, and uses the Vodafone mobile infrastructure. These days, Talkmobile is best known for their awesome low prices and easy contract options.

Key Information

Given that Talkmobile are owned by Vodafone, it should come as no surprise that they use the Vodafone mobile network, and therefore offer coverage in a massive 99% of the UK. Currently, Talkmobile offers 2G and 3G coverage, though no fast 4G mobile data speeds. They will, however, offer 4G coverage in the future.

If you’re looking for simple, easy to understand plans, then Talkmobile is a winner. They offer four packages: small, medium, large, and extra large, depending on the amount of mobile data you’re looking for and how many calling minutes you need. All plans come with 5000 text messages per month. If you’re opting for SIM only, you can choose between a 12 month contract, or a more flexible 30 day contract if you’d prefer to avoid making a long term commitment.

There are tons of mobile hand sets to choose from with Talkmobile, from top end devices to more budget friendly models. And you can choose between paying up front, or signing a 24 month phone contract for financing. Oh, and there’s never any money down on Talkmobile devices, so you’ll be zero up front if you choose to sign a 24 month contract.

Since Talkmobile is an online only service you’ll be able to handle all your needs online, from shopping to customer service, from tracking your orders to changing your contract, so convenience is key here!

Perks of Using Talkmobile

  • No money down on mobile devices
  • Using the Vodafone network means 99% coverage across the UK
  • Convenient online service
  • Low cost, easy to understand contracts

If you’re looking for great mobile contracts that are affordable and flexible, then Talkmobile is going to be a great choice of operator for you. Economic, easy to understand, convenient, what more could you ask for? So take a look at our comparison tool to find great Talkmobile deals today!

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