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Want a great phone at a fair price that still performs flawlessly? Then take a look at the selection of deals on Motorola mobile phone deals. Simple, easy to use, and yet powerful and affordable, Motorola make awesome hand sets. To get started looking for the best deals all you need to do is use our simple comparison tool below!

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Overview of Motorola

Founded in 1928 in Chicago, Motorola have a long history in electronics, and even made the radio systems for the moon landing. In 1991 they demonstrated the first cell phone, and then became famous for their flip phones. These days Motorola concentrate on making phones that are rugged, easy to use, and affordable, making them a great choice for those on more of a budget.

Motorola Phones

Motorola make around 10% of the world's mobiles, but unlike many other manufacturers they don't focus on top end, flagship devices. Instead they produce mid range and budget phones that are free from useless features, affordable, and simple to use. Here's a quick look at the main Motorola models:

  • The Motorola X Force: At the top of Motorola's range (but still firmly in the mid range budget), the X Force is the highest spec phone the manufacturer offers. It's got fast, octo core processing, a 5.4 inch HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and a massive 21 MP rear camera (plus a 5 MP front cam).
  • The Moto G4: Moving down into the budget range, and we're looking at the Moto G4. You still get octo core processing here, and there's a 5.5 inch screen, 2 GB of RAM, and a solid 13 MP rear camera.
  • The Moto G: Finally, there's the budget Moto G. Here you get quad core processing, a five inch display, 2 GB of RAM, and a 13 MP camera.

The Benefits of Buying Motorola

For anyone looking for top end specs at budget prices, Motorola offers an excellent range of very solid devices. Why should you invest your hard earned cash in a Motorola?

  • Seriously good performance and processor specs for the price
  • Excellent overall value for money
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Intuitive and customisable Android operating system
  • Wide range of apps available
  • Rugged and sturdy build quality
  • Very good camera specs

Motorola manage to combine great performance specs, power, and even cameras, into a very, very affordable package. If you're looking for the best value for money that you can get on an awesome phone, then a Motorola is going to be your best bet. All you need to do now is find the best deal, so check out our comparison tool to get started!

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