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Start browsing for mobile phone deals including an Xbox One S with Smaller than ever, with a huge range of games, and a ton of added special features like 4K streaming, this is one of the greatest game consoles ever made. Think you’re ready to handle it? Then check out our great deals that include an Xbox One S below.

  • 40% smaller
  • 1TB storage
  • 4k streaming
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About the Xbox One S

Gaming consoles have been around for a fair few years now, and whilst there are plenty of choices, there are really only three brands that matter. One of those, of course, is the Microsoft Xbox series. Competing against the likes of Nintendo and Playstation isn’t easy, but Microsoft have proven more than capable of holding their own. And their newest incarnation, the Xbox One S, is a real powerhouse of a console.

Why do you want one? Obviously the gaming experience is fantastic. But there’s also the addition of an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, the capability to stream 4K video and 4K upgrading for games, tons of ports, and a very, very small footprint indeed. If you’re looking for the best that console gaming has to offer, then look no further!

Key Features on the Xbox One S

The first thing you’ll notice about the Xbox One S is the size, it’s very small. It comes in white, with an aerated front (for better cooling and air flow), and physical buttons (rather than annoying capacitive touch buttons). Two fifths the size of the regular Xbox One, the One S can stand vertically as well as being placed horizontally on a shelf.

Aside from it’s sleek design, the One S has a whole bunch of things to offer. There’s 4K and Ultra HD Blu-Ray, as well as HDR gaming and movies. There’s tons of hard disk space for storage, and plenty of ports for all kinds of connectivity options, plus online gaming with Xbox Live.

Console gaming is big business, and typical users tend to be tech savvy and demanding, which is perhaps why Microsoft has ensured that all the important boxes are well and truly ticked. If you’re looking for a fantastic console, then you’re looking for the Xbox One S.

The Externals…

Okay, let’s first look at the external features of the Xbox One S, and start with that size. As mentioned above, the One S is two fifths of the size of a regular Xbox One, meaning it’s conveniently small. Not only that, but there’s no longer a power block. The brick like power block that used to be attached to the console’s power cord is now placed inside the console, saving even more space.

Power and eject buttons are physical, front placed so they’re easy to find and use. And then there’s the ports. So, so many of them. The Xbox One S has: a USB 3.0 port at the front, then an HDMI In port, an HDMI Out (2.0a/HDCP 2.2), S/PDIF, ethernet, and two super speed USB ports at the rear. Basically, you can connect anything you like!

Connectivity is important in a console, particularly since you’re likely to want to connect a decent TV at the very least. But so is convenience, and as one of the smallest consoles around, the Xbox One S takes up very little space indeed.

The Visuals…

Alrighty, let’s talk visuals here, since the look is all important in gaming, and there’s a lot to cover. Firstly, the Xbox One S is 4K capable. That means 4K streaming is no problem (Netflix, Youtube, whatever). There’s also 4K Upscaling for games (meaning even if your game isn’t exactly 4K you can make it look as though it is). All of this results in super sharp, clear graphics and imagery.

The One S also supports HDR, or High Dynamic Range colour, meaning colour reproduction is second to none, with graphics look bright and natural. And let’s not forget that there’s an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player on board as well, so you’ll get the best home movie experience ever.

In short, the visuals on the Xbox One S are amazing, mindblowing even. Even the most demanding gamer will be more than satisfied here. Be warned though, you will need a 4K capable TV to hook up to in order to truly appreciate these great visuals.

Games and Controllers

Though you can use the Xbox One S for movie watching and video streaming, chances are you’re buying it for the gaming. The good news here is that all Xbox One games are playable on the One S. However, you’ll also have system exclusives as well, like Gears of War 4. Oh, and then there’s Xbox Live for online and group gaming as well. Bottom line: there are tons of games to choose from, whatever your preferences.

Now, controllers. Firstly, the One S will support a Kinect, though you’ll need a USB adaptor for this. However, the newly released specific One S controller is a dream to use. It’s basically the regular One controller with some new additions, like Bluetooth (so you can use it for PC gaming too). There’s also a better texture on the grip, making the controller easier to hold, and improved antennae range so you can sit further away. The One S controller is still battery powered, however.

The gaming experience on the One S is truly stellar. You’ll have plenty of games to choose from, and the One S controller makes those games a pleasure to play. What more could you be looking for in a console?

And the Rest…

There are a couple of other things that we should mention about the One S. Firstly, it does include access to Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. This makes voice controlling your console easy and effective. The Xbox app store has been vastly improved as well, with more options than ever before.

Finally, there comes the issue of hard drive space. The Xbox One S can support up to a massive 2 TB of storage, which is a whole lot of games and whatever else you choose to store. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to use all that space to back up other stuff, like your PC hard drive, for example. There are varying versions of the One S, however, though even the smallest offers a whopping 500 GB of storage.


ModelXbox One S 1TB
Storage Capacity1TB
Blu-ray Drive4K UHD Blu-ray Drive[7]
Size40% smaller than original Xbox One
Controller1 Slim Controller

Xbox One S Review

Gaming consoles these days need to offer so much more than just video games, and the Microsoft Xbox One S delivers in spades. With 4K capability, HDR, an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, tons of games and plenty of storage space, this is one of the greatest consoles around. All that, and it’s small and easy to store as well!

Bottom line time here, and was there anything we didn’t like? Well, we felt that the battery powered controller was a bit of a let down, since most consoles offer rechargeable controllers these days. Having said that though, the batteries do last a good long time. But that’s really it. On the whole we love the Xbox One S, it’s a fantastic console capable of high end gaming, as well as tons of extra stuff. If you want a great console, then it’s got to be the Xbox One S.

Dan Forster

by Dan Forster, Mobile Phone Expert

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