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Check out awesome deals with a pair of Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD headphones with Stunning design and build quality, awesome sound and some nifty extra features make these headphones some of the best on the market. If you’re a music fan then you won’t want to miss out on some of the best headphones you can get. Browse our great deals below.

  • Cutting edge design
  • Great sound quality
  • ControlTalk included
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About the Beats Headphones

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years then you might not have noticed that tons of people are walking around wearing headphones embossed with little Bs and bright red cables. Beats by Dr Dre have rapidly become some of the best headphones on the market and are renowned not just for their style but for their sound quality too.

Why do you want some? Cool factor aside, these are some good looking headphones. You’re going to get awesome sound quality, and the addition of ControlTalk gives you even more control of your listening experience. What more could you ask for in a pair of high quality headphones? Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD really do have it all.

Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD’s Key Features

Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD are not only great looking, but they’ve got everything you could need in a pair of headphones. Sure, style is important, you’re going to be wearing them in the street, after all, so rest assured that you’re getting great build quality and high end design here.

But you’re also getting some excellent sound quality, obviously a desirable trait in good headphones, along with that ControlTalk tech to give you a way better listening experience. If you’re looking for the ultimate headphones, then look no further than these.

They’ve Got the Look

Coming in a padded carrying case, Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD are an extremely portable pair of headphones, and they comfortably fold up so that you can easily carry them in your bag. Unfold your new headphones though and you’ll see the latest in headphone design.

The earcups themselves are on-ear rather than over or in ear, meaning that they sit comfortably on top of the ear. This gives you the best of both worlds. You get the smaller size that you associate with in ear head phones, as well as the far better sound quality that you associate with over ear headphones. The earcups are a mere 2.2 inches in diameter, and have the red “b” branding that all Beats headphones have.

The earpads do swivel, to ensure that you get a comfortable fit along with a great listening experience, and they’re joined together with a hinged plastic and metal headband that offers is sturdy and has excellent build quality.

All in all you’re looking at some very fashionable headphones indeed, and they certainly make a splash out on the street. That ability to fold up shouldn’t be underestimated either, since these are far more portable than the average on ear headphones that you’ll find.

It’s All About the Sound

Obviously, you’re going to be into sound quality, and thankfully Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD aren’t going to let you down. That on ear fit gives you a far fuller sound than you could expect from ear buds, which is already a step in the right direction.

As you’d expect from headphones endorsed by a rap superstar, you’re getting steady, clear, throbbing bass. Couple that bass with an astoundingly clear and bright treble, and you’re truly getting the best sound quality around. Our only complaint is that the middle ranges do occasionally get muddy.

These headphones really do give great sound though, no matter what volume you’re playing at. The bass stays clear even when you pump things up to max volume, which is a clear advantage that these on ear headphone models have over in ear models.


Headphones need cables, and these are no different. A gold plated straight plug goes into the left earphone, then a full fifty inch cable leads down to a gold plated L-plug that plugs into your audio source. That L-plug is robustly reinforced too, so there’s going to be now splitting or rubber cracking after a few months of use.

The noticeable difference in the Beat’s cable though is a small square box located towards the top of the cable. This is the ControlTalk module. Designed to give you better control over your music listening, the ControlTalk module will allow you to do whatever you need without having to play with your audio source.

If you’re plugged into a phone, then ControlTalk has a built in call answer button and microphone so you can answer your calls with your phone in your pocket. There’s also a multi purpose playback button. One click will play or pause music, two clicks skips a track, and three clicks skips back a track, and rocking the button back and forth provides your volume control.

You should be aware, however, that right now ControlTalk’s music controls only work with Apple products, iPods, iPhones or iPads.


Weight5.6 oz
ColorBlack, White, Red
Physical attachmentVertical
Connection typeWired (3.5mm)
Wire length47.24 inches
In-line remoteYes
Makes phone callsYes

Beats Headphones Review

Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD are a great example of what truly awesome headphones can be. With cutting edge design these are certainly a fashion item, but they also provide great sound quality as well as that easy to use ControlTalk module. All in all you’re looking at some great headphones, and ones that true music lovers will really adore.

Any reservations? Well, it would be nice if the ControlTalk music controls would work on an Android as well as an iPhone, but other than that, we’ve got no reservations at all. Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD are awesome headphones, and we wouldn’t be seen in anything else.

Our Verdict

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