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Sky is a familiar name to most UK customers, given that they offer one of the most extensive satellite and cable television options on the market. However, Sky also provides a selection of SIM only contracts with a focus on solid data plans. Sky Mobile is an MNVO and uses O2’s infrastructure to provide service to UK customers. Unfortunately, they don't offer PAYG plans currently but we compare their entire 12 month sim only contract offering. Compare and save today.

Compare Sky Mobile SIM Only Deals
Sky SIM Only Deals

Key Features of Sky Mobile Deals

There are plenty of options when it comes to plans with Sky Mobile, so flexibility is one of the significant benefits of going with Sky.

The other big benefit of Sky is their data packages. In general, Sky tends to offer decent data allowances for fair prices. They do also feature a data “piggy bank.” This allows you to save your unused data in your piggy bank for up to three years, withdrawing it 1 GB at a time if and when you need it. This option is only available to customers on contract with Sky.

Sky also lets you share your piggy bank data. If you have more than one phone on your account (a family plan or attached business phone) all data is piggy banked in one place, and any of the connected devices can withdraw it. This is particularly useful for family plans where teens may need more data than other family members.

You may also get discounts from Sky on mobile service prices if you combine your mobile service with a Sky TV package.

Pricing and Bundles: SIM Only

Unlike many operators, Sky Mobile only offer 12 month SIM only contracts. There is no 30-day rolling plan available. However, Sky does allow you to change your contract whenever you like, so if you find you need more (or less) data, then you are free to switch to a different plan.

Also, note that Sky have a different approach to pricing. All Sky TV customers get unlimited calls and texts for free. If you’re not a Sky TV customer, then you will need to pay an extra £10 on top of the below prices to get unlimited calls and texts, or you can simply be charged 10p per minute for calls and 10p per text message. If you’re not a big caller or texter, then those prices should be fine, if you are then that extra cost for unlimited calls and texts could be a better choice.

Keeping the above in mind, the basic costs for Sky Mobile SIM only packages (with free unlimited texts and calls for Sky TV customers, but with the above listed additional charges for texts and calls for all other customers) are:

  • 500 MB of data for £6 a month
  • 2 GB of data for £12 a month
  • 5 GB of data for £15 a month
  • 10 GB of data for £20 a month

Out of Bundle Charges: SIM Only

If you do not have unlimited calls and texts with Sky Mobile, then you will only be charged the usual 10p per minute for calling and 10p per text message (which goes up to 40p for MMS). And Sky Mobile does not allow you to go over your data limit. Rather than out of bundle charges for data you will need to buy an additional 1 GB of data for £10 if you need more data than your monthly allowance.

Pricing and Bundles: PAYG

Unfortunately, Sky Mobile does not currently offer PAYG services. If you are looking for a pay as you go sim, we have reviewed and compared the entire market in our pay as you go sim comparison post.

Unused Data Offerings

All of your remaining data goes into your piggy bank where you can store it for up to three years. You can withdraw your data 1 GB at a time whenever you need it, and you are free to share your piggy bank data with any other phone that’s on the same contract/bill (including family plans and business phones).

Sky Mobile Network and Coverage

Given that Sky Mobile uses the infrastructure from mobile giant O2 to provide service, you’ll be getting excellent coverage. O2, and therefore Sky Mobile, gets 99% for 2G signals, 98% coverage for 3G, and 97% coverage for the faster data speeds of 4G. However, there are always exceptions. You should check coverage in your local area via the Sky Mobile coverage checker (found on their website) or the OFCOM UK mobile coverage app to ensure that you’re going to get excellent service.

Sky Mobile and Tethering

If you’re looking to use your Sky Mobile phone plan for tethering, meaning you’re going to use your mobile data as a hotspot to be able to connect devices like tablets and laptops to the internet, then you’re in luck. Sky Mobile does not place any restrictions on mobile tethering at all. Do be aware though that tethering will likely use up your monthly data limit relatively quickly.

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