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Get a great pay monthly deal on the Lebara Mobile Network, all the latest handsets at low prices.

Want great deals on pay as you go SIM cards and international calling? Then check out the TigerMobiles.com selection of plans from Lebara. There are plenty of options to choose from, and this low-cost carrier is a great choice for those on a budget. You'll get great deals on calling abroad, and a low hassle, no contract mobile service too. To get started looking for the best deals with Lebara Mobile check out our easy to use comparison tool below!

Lebara Mobile
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About Lebara Mobile

Overview of Lebara

Lebara was founded in 2001 and initially sold telephone calling cards. The company's goal was to make international calling cheap and easy, and to that end they expanded into the mobile service industry in 2004. The company uses Vodafone's infrastructure to provide service in the UK, and are also a registered charity. At least fifty percent of Lebara's profits are donated to charity each year. Lebara provides service in several European countries (including France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Denmark) as well as in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

Key Information

Because Lebara uses Vodafone's UK infrastructure, you get all the reliability and great service of a large national operator along with the lower prices of a smaller mobile company. Currently, Vodafone offers the largest reception area of any UK operator, covering 99.7% of the country. And Lebara too gets the same great coverage.

When it comes to plans Lebara offer a wide range of Pay As You Go options with cheap top-ups, making staying on budget simple. They do also offer several more traditional plans (including minutes, texts, and mobile data limits) that are monthly. However, these plans are 30-day rolling contracts, meaning you can cancel every 30 days with no penalty. There are no year or two-year contracts with Lebara.

Currently, Lebara offer SIM only plans in the UK, and do not offer incentive phones as part of their contracts. This is perfect for those who already have a mobile or who prefer to pay for their phone up front and need only service.

As for extra options, Lebara has plenty of ways to get extra credit from your mobile. Timely credit top-ups, special student deals, even transferring a phone number from another operator will get you free credit added to your Lebara account.

Perks of Using Lebara

  • Great coverage across the UK
  • PAYG plans make budgeting easy
  • No contracts to sign
  • Cheap international calling rates

If you're looking for a simple, hassle-free phone service with great low prices, good coverage, and fantastic international calling options (not to mention amazing student deals), then Lebara is going to be the company for you. Think this could be your ideal phone operator? Then check out our comparison tool for the best deals from Lebara.

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