How To Get Your Free Groo Tiger Toy

Meet Groo - The Sumatran Tiger

Despite being a Sumatran Tiger the furthest that Groo has travelled is Blackpool. He was born right here in England, and much prefers the rain (he's easily sunburnt). A decade ago Groo saw a long line of people and joined it (thinking perhaps he was getting a hot dog). He came away with one of the very first iPhones, and since then, he's been in love with mobile technology. By far his biggest achievement so far has been being named Chief Deal Finder here at Tiger Mobiles. Groo uses his natural hunting instincts to track down great mobile phone deals, which he says is much easier than hunting porcupines.

When he's not hunting down bargains, Groo enjoys kicking back and listening to his iPod, lawn bowling, ice dancing and long walks on the beach.

Quick Facts About Groo

  • Groo's favourite food is a nice mayonnaise and chocolate sandwich (with salt and vinegar crisps on the side).
  • Groo was once voted one of the top fifty handsomest tigers by Esquire Magazine (Sumatran edition).
  • Being environmentally conscious, Groo never drives and prefers riding his bike wherever he needs to go.
  • Groo is, of course, fully house trained and does not require feeding (he can make his own sandwiches).

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