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Mobile Phones With Free Laptops

Get a new contract phone and get a free laptop to backup your data and store your content

Check out the great range of Mobile Phone with Free Laptop deals at TigerMobiles.com. With several high end devices to choose from you can get a free laptop and a new phone on fantastic price plans from all the major networks. To get started pick your laptop from the selection below and browse the range of deals we have available.

    Mobile Phones With Free Laptops
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    Choosing the Right Free Laptop

    Choosing the right laptop can be difficult due to the high number of them currently on the market. Do you need a Netbook or a Notebook? How much RAM should you get? Are all questions that will be running through you mind.

    The first thing to ask yourself is what are you going to use the free laptop for? If it’s for web browsing and entertainment purposes like watching iPlayer or 4OD then the Toshiba C850 Laptop is ideal for you. It combines Windows 8 with a decent specification allowing it to handle all your day to day tasks. It handles Word processing, watching videos, Skyping friends or social networking.

    If you’re using a laptop for gaming or storing lots of documents then we’d recommend picking a free laptop with the largest hard drive and best processor. Examples of this Acer Aspire one we have on offer.

    If portability is a priority you might want to consider a mobile phone with free tablet deal. Or have a look at the smaller screen laptops and netbooks we have available.

    All our free laptops come with built in Wi-Fi, the latest Intel processors and USB connectivity to connect your smartphone. Windows 7 or 8 is included along with high capacity hard drives to store photos and videos.

    If you have any questions about our mobile phone with free laptop deals then feel free to contact us. Maybe you have a question about specifications or which laptop to choose, just use the contact form or Q&A help section.