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About the Xbox One

Microsoft has been at the epitome of gaming technology giving tough competition to its arch rival Sony in terms of gaming consoles and the Xbox One is no different as its pitched directly against Sony’s PS4. The Xbox One however, is miles ahead of its previous avatars with some cool new features and a much better gaming experience.

Designer Console

The device on first glance looks bulky and huge. But then that is something you will like as it comes packaged with loads of goodies in a big box. It has the familiar ridge finish on the top in all black. It measures 274 x 79 x 333 mm which is much larger than the PS4. There are loads of things happening on the device. Push it around to check out the large number of ports and connectors available at the back. These include HDMI, S/PDIF, IR out and dual USB 3.0 ports as well apart from the Ethernet and power supply. For some reason there is a separate USB port on the right side as well. Two proprietary ports for HDMI in and Kinect are provided at the back as well. The Xbox One story is incomplete without the Kinect which comes bundled with the device. This nifty device will let you enjoy next level of gaming with gesture control that works like a charm. Unlike the PS4 Camera which sits on the top of your flat screen, this is again a bulky device in line with the Xbox that can be perched up in front of your TV. In case you have a wall mounted display, make sure you have enough support to get these devices to sit correctly in your set up. Both devices have the Xbox white logo glowing to let you know they are on and waiting for you.

Brute Power Inside

The Xbox One is powered by an AMD processor and 32MB of lightning speed ESRAM along with 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM. All this power translates beautifully into a highly intuitive system that will give you more than a bang for your buck in terms of functionality, productivity and performance. You can use the Xbox One for viewing TV, making Skype calls, browsing on the net or just connecting socially if gaming and media is not on your mind. The Xbox One unlike the PS4 never goes into full shutdown mode. It stays in Standby so that you can quickly spring it back to life with the voice command of Xbox On through Kinect or just a push of a button on the controller. The device comes loaded with a 500GB hard disk.


The Xbox One borrows from the Windows 8 platform as is evident from the screens and boxes all around. The interface is actually quite crisp and response times are great for quick navigation. The setup process on the Xbox One is little more cumbersome as compared to the PS4 but you should be able to get through it within a few minutes and once done, everything else falls into place automatically.

Kinect and Controller

The only noticeable change in the Xbox controller is the placement of the Xbox button. It now finds its spot on the top rather than the middle so that you don’t accidently hit it during one of your adrenaline soaked gaming sessions. Apart from that there is really nothing much that Microsoft wanted to change. After all, the Xbox controller is considered to be one of the best ones out there all thanks to its contours and asymmetrical layout of sticks. The fun really starts with Kinect as now Microsoft has really upped the ante with voice control and gesture control finding centre stage for everything you do with your console. With an IR buster in there, it not only hears and sees you, it also interacts with other appliances like your TV for you. Xbox intends to provide a seamless media experience through its console which transcends the boundaries of a boring old gaming console. In comparison to the PS4 camera, Microsoft’s Kinect does much more. It’s a different story that it stays in standby mode all the time so be careful of what you say or do because it’s always watching.

Gaming and More

The Xbox line up of games has always given tough competition to the PS versions. It has definitely got an advantage over the PS4 in terms of better compatibility and loads of interactive features that are absent from its rival. It will also connect easily with all your other devices like tablets and phones so that you have round the clock access to what is happening on your console. If the size is not a deterrent, pick up the Xbox One for sheer gaming pleasure and the it’s ability to act as more than just a vanilla console. It will lighten up your living room and look out for the Kinect advantage. It is going to revolutionize the gaming experience as we understand it today.


Dimensions13.1 inches x 10.8 inches x 3.1 inches
ColorBlack / Silver
Exterior surfaceGlossy
CPU brandAMD
CPU cores8
GPU brandAMD
Wi-Fi support802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
802.11n frequencies5GHz, 2.4GHz
Cable box pass-throughYes
Supported resolutions1080p, 720p
Audio / Video playbackDVD, Blu-ray
Audio / Video outputProprietary, HDMI, Digital optical
Controller connectionWireless, Wired
Wireless connection typeProprietary
Internal storage500 GB
User upgradeableYes
External memoryUSB mass storage
Game mediaDisc
Online multiplayerYes
Online storeYes
Power supplyExternal

Xbox One Review

Microsoft’s third gaming console and easily most exciting it. It has some flaws but it is a powerful gaming console which is stylishly designed. It offers live TV service, movie streaming, music videos, Skype calls and much more. Microsoft always bring a lot to the table with their devices, especially software wise.

The stuff to admire is a long list that includes ample 500 GB hard drive and a 1920 X 1080 maximum resolution coming off blue ray disc.  The Kinect is much improved from Xbox 360. You can share videos, making Skype calls – it is an all in one device. The user interface is great, easy to navigate, slightly vibrant and loud though.

Negatives? Xbox 360 was big and awkwardly built; Xbox One is improved but still not perfect. With the PS4 racing ahead, Microsoft should have gone for slimmer design. The controllers still use batteries and run out fairly quickly.

Our Verdict

Dan Forster

by Dan Forster, Mobile Phone Expert

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