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Take handheld gaming to a whole new level with the PlayStation Vita. Combines a brilliant screen, dual analogue stikcks and an incredible games lineup to make handheld gaming better than ever before. Start comparing deals below to get your PS Vita completely free with a mobile phone contract.

  • Great games lineup
  • Solid construction
  • Crisp screen
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About the PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is synonymous with portable gaming. Everyone who has ever spent endless hours idling away at airport lounges or lost count of the time, propped in bed, would have a high chance of being addicted to the PS Vita. With its compact, feature rich and strikingly beautiful design the Vita is a hit with casual enthusiasts and hardcore gamers alike.


At just7.1 x .73 x 3.3 inches this little baby is going to sit inside your pocket like a charm and not bother you when you are not playing. But don’t count on it. The Vita will not stay quiet for long and before you know it, you will be pulling it out for a quick game between work, while travelling or just doing nothing. It’s advisable however, to keep this delicate device safe in a backpack or something else instead of trouser pockets to keep it safe.

The shape of the Vita is more or less in sync with its previous avatar, the PSP but this one has made some subtle yet significant changes to form factors and buttons. The device will feel very light in your hands at less than 300 grams in weight. In essence, the Vita looks like a stylish brick which is light weight. The action buttons are placed in their usual spot, the new entry into the device is the second analog stick. The rear multi touch pad is another addition in the new device. A 5 inch OLED screen adorns the Vita making the graphics look immensely sharp and clear.


The Vita now hosts a touchscreen for the all-encompassing capacitive feel of gaming. Leave your imprints on the screen as you choose menu options from icons spread all over the screen. There is no button control for menu selections. Only your fingers will work and nothing else. Each angle you swipe the screen, brings up different options. Going up and down will work similar to a smartphone like user interface, moving across different pages of icons. Just play around with the intuitive touchscreen to understand how it responds to each new touch or swipe. Just be sure to keep your hands clean as the Vita is hungry for any debris, oil, food or anything else that looks good on a glossy screen.

The Six Axis Motion Sensor is what makes this device truly exciting. You can now move the Vita around, tilt it, steer it and more to make the most of the highly advanced games that are available for the platform. With much better grip and native gaming environment, motion sensing works like a charm on the Vita.

One of the most exciting and convenient features introduced in the new Vita is cross play. It essentially lets you choose where and how you want your gaming experience. Start a game on the PS3 and you can finish it with your Vita. Multiplayer games can be played between the two platforms of PS3 and Vita with ease.

Dual analog sticks will throw you back into memory lane. Remember the arcade video game days of street fighter? The new Vita gives you two analog sticks to take full control your games and makes the experience more fun than ever.

The rear multi touch pad takes gaming to another level altogether. You can now do things you never imagined, with this feature as it provides perfect 3D motions keeping not just your thumbs, but all your fingers engaged in. The Vita provides a workout regime for all your fingers.

Battery and Hardware

The Vita is a powerful gaming device with a quad-core A9 processor and 512 MB of RAM. It boasts of two cameras for an engaging user experience which lets you transport yourself into the game with the camera functionality. As a standalone device however, the camera is not at par with the amazing hardware this device packs in. but then, why would you even use your gaming device to click photographs?

Battery life is great on the Vita if you can keep the fluff out. When on long haul flights or away from charging points, the built in lithium ion juice pack can keep you alive and kicking for a staggering 6 hours assuming you switch off everything thing else that you would not use and keep the brightness to the lowest.

The Vita comes loaded with a plethora of connectivity options with a 3G and Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi only device. The PlayStation Store and Network options keep users engaged with messaging, trophy data and shopping for new games on the Store is as easy as it can get. The games available for this platform are amazing and there is a title out there for just about any kind of genre and the list continues to grow. If you are ready to bust your eyes and wreck your fingers for the ultimate gaming delight, get hold of the PlayStation Vita now.


Form FactorSlab
Dimensions7.17 inches x 3.29 inches x 0.73 inches
Primary orientationLandscape
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Screen size (diagonal)5 inches
Resolution960 px x 544 px
Touchscreen typeCapacitive
CPU brandARM
CPU modelCortex A9 MPCore Quad Core
GPU modelSGX543MP4+
Wi-Fi support802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Built-in micYes
Max external size64 GB
Game media typeCartridge, Internal / Downloads
Backwards compatibilityPSN
Online multiplayerYes
Online storeYes
Video outYes
Headphone jack3.5mm
Data connectionsProprietary
Camera Video resolutionVGA
Removable batteryNo
Battery capacity2210 mAh

PlayStation Vita Review

When the PlayStation 3 came out, it was said that it can do anything, the slogan said so: “It only does everything”. The same can be said about PlayStation Vita.  It has analogue sticks, graphic card, gameplay, touch screen and other exciting features making this is a console in it’s own right.

The graphics are amazing and look awesome on the top-notch sub-HD OLED screen. The touch screen is quite brilliant and so are all the motion controls. The gameplay is great and the controls hold the key to that. The touch quality and amazing controls makes the game play much more efficient than prior PlayStation machines. Inbuilt apps and default games make it an exciting device even if you are not looking to purchase games straightaway.

Anything to put us off? The price was always going to be a factor; at £200 it is quite expensive for a handheld gaming device. Other than price the other thing that goes against Vita is its ordinary battery life.

Our Verdict

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by Dan Forster, Mobile Phone Expert

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