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Simply the best eBook reader on the market; ideal for book fans the Kindle WiFi takes readability to a whole new level and gives you access to all the best sellers. Start comparing deals below to get your free Kindle 6″ Wifi with a mobile phone.

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About the Kindle WiFi

The Kindle is a beautiful piece of art that is so lightweight and easy to move around that you will not even realise how time has passed when you are immersed into that favourite book of yours. Gone are the days of awkward positions, restrictions on where you can sit or lie down while reading that were rampant with physical books, especially ones that ran into hundreds of pages. There was no flexibility or comfort attached to the process of reading. Font sizes remained the same. The books were heavy and impossible to hold for long periods of time. The Kindle is a solution to all these shortcomings of a traditional book and below average reading experience.

Design and Display

At just a meagre 170 grams, the 6 inch Kindle feels like a sheet of paper in your hands. It uses E Ink Pearl display with an optimized font technology that makes the text look as realistic as it does on physical books that you don’t feel as if you are reading off the computer but an actual book. With 167 pixels per inch 16 level grey scale display, no text will ever look pixelated or blurry on the Kindle. A 100% aperture ratio ensures that the experience remains real minus all the annoying pixel gaps that show up on other devices.


A question you may have in your head is how will a screen ever replace the fun of reading a paper back? Well, the answer is simple. Pick up a Kindle to know how it seamlessly replaces paper and yet retains all the qualities of a real book experience we have grown over the years with. With absolutely no glare at any viewing angles and even bright sunlight, it is ideal for any position of reading. You could even read while doing a handstand if that’s what makes you happy. At 6 ounces, the longest and fattest book will also feel like a feather in your hands. The only exercise you will do while on the Kindle is swiping the screen to turn the page. Thank god for that.

If you thought annoying long wires will be sticking out of the Kindle and snaking over your body while you pretend to enjoy reading on it, you are far from the truth. Kindle has taken pains to give us one of the longest lasting battery charges on any portable device. Hold your breath. The Kindle can last up to a month on a single charge. Now the ball’s in your court. How much can you read in that time?

Amazon makes brilliant products only because its takes great interest in ultimate customer comfort. This can be easily seen in the common sense they have applied to the Kindle. While most screens have a brightness that’s blinding, the Kindle retains the same ambient lighting of your surroundings so that when you move away from the screen, you are not rubbing the life out of your eyeballs to get accustomed to the change in light.

For those of you constantly squinting at ant sized fonts on books, Kindle lets you change the font size across 8 different adjustments making it easier on your eyes. Global language support lets you pick up eBooks in your language and a 5 way controller will make sure you don’t dirty your Kindle screen with finger prints for navigation and text selection.

This one’s for the backbenchers. Kindle provides an instant dictionary look up for words that fly over your head while reading on the device. Guess what? No one has to know your shortcomings. Kindle will keep your secret safe while you can quickly improve your vocabulary through the device.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Sync

The inbuilt Wi-Fi ensures lighting fast download speeds less than 60 seconds for a book. The device can hold up to a huge collection of 1,000 books. The Wi-Fi functionality also lets you access content online and look up references and also comes packed with a Webkit based browser for surfing the net.

The device uses something called Whispersync to synchronize your books on multiple devices. So if you left off on a particular page sometime back, when you open the same book on another device, it takes you back right there. Apart from the last page read, it also syncs annotations and bookmarks. The fact that it lets you share personal documents on the go with approved contacts can be a boon for many as it nullifies the use for multiple devices.

Kindle lets you shop online for all your content. The Kindle store provides a staggering million plus books for less than 10 dollars and even gives recommendations based on your selection. And if reading is getting too much, you can take a break with some of the games and apps on the device. Be warned though, the games and apps are also related to words and books. Even the morning newspaper can now be delivered to your Kindle. This is good riddance from the annoying papers flying and falling all over the place in the case of traditional newspapers.

Kindle with Wi-Fi is a great device for converting physical libraries into virtual ones. With a slew of features and online content to choose from, you cannot expect a better reading experience anywhere else.


Dimensions6.7 inches x 4.6 inches x 0.36 inches
Weight.47 pounds
Primary orientationPortrait
Screen size (diagonal)6 inches
Screen shades16
TechnologyE Ink
Touchscreen typeCapacitive
Notable appsWeb browser, Dictionary
File supportPDF, .DOC
Internal size2 GB
External storageNo
Wi-Fi support802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Data connectionsMicro USB
Removable batterNo

Kindle WiFi Review

The Kindle is a light weight device that is durable and easy to carry. It has a good screen with an effective display. The brightness and contrast settings allow it to be usable for all types of users. The software is well integrated and the eBook structure is expertly placed – when reading on Kindle it feels like Amazon put their heart and soul into it, they wanted it to make a device to remember. It is not all-style and no usage device either – take page turn buttons for example; they are physically present on the bottom of the device and extremely useful.

Negatives? In comparison, the Paperwhite Kindle by Amazon was much lighter and a slightly better design as well.

Our Verdict

Dan Forster

by Dan Forster, Mobile Phone Expert

Dan is our mobile phone review expert helping customers make better buying decisions. With a passion for technology and taking things apart Dan single-handedly reviews all the phones listed on the website.

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