What is the Easiest Network to Get a Contract Phone On?

by - Last Updated on September 24, 2018

All mobile networks in the UK require customers to pass a credit check to take out a contract phone. Whilst you might have heard some are easier to pass than other, the reality is all the networks have very similar credit check processes and it's difficult to separate them.

Whilst there are slight variances between each networks criteria it’s impossible to say which one is ‘easier’ as it depends on your own credit rating which is specific to your circumstances.

If you have a poor credit rating rather than looking for the easiest check to pass, it's more important you maximise your chances of passing regardless of which network you choose; our advice is to put money down up front and don't choose a high-value handset like an iPhone. It will dramatically increase your chances of passing the check. In some circumstances, you may have more success by calling the network directly or by dealing with a network you might have had a contract with before (assuming you didn’t have outstanding payments).

Fortunately for customers in this position, we have a range of deals specifically for bad credit customers. Many of these deals require an upfront payment for the phone which in turns reduces the risk of bringing you on board as a customer. Our other recommended course of action is to take out a SIM only deal, with no handset involved, the approval rate is much higher.