The Best Browser for You

by Dan Forster - , Last Updated on June 1, 2018, App Guides

Every smart phone comes with a built in internet browser, which is pretty handy if you think about it. But most of us don’t think about it much at all. In that flurry of downloading activity when you first get your new phone it’s unlikely that you’re going to be downloading a new internet browser. But whilst that default browser does do its job, there might be a better choice out there for you. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list. No matter what your needs are, there’s a perfect internet browser for you!

Best for Multi Taskers: Flyperlink


If you’re a multi tasker, then you definitely need to check out Flyperlink, which takes everything you know about phone browsers and turns it on its head. Flyperlink assumes that your browser is a background tool, which for most of us, it is. Think about it, it’s not often that you deliberately open up the browser itself, chances are, your browser opens because you clicked a link someplace else. Given that, Flyperlink constantly runs in the background as a floating bubble. Click on a link somewhere and that bubble expands out into a floating window which stays on top of whatever app you already have open until you minimise it.

For those that constantly switch between apps or even web pages, Flyperlink is a great little tool. It makes access to links faster, and means that you don’t get automatically closed out of other programmes just because you want to check something on the net. Plus, it’s got some sweet design, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Best for Saving Data: Opera


If you’re on a limited data plan with your mobile operator, or maybe you’re using a pay as you go SIM, then data saving is probably high on your list of priorities. And if that’s the case, then you should be using some of that data to download Opera. Essentially, Opera is a lot like Chrome, you’ll be able to sync across all your devices, meaning you can share bookmarks between Opera on your PC and on your phone, and you get incognito browsing too if you want it. But there’s one big advantage to using Opera, and that’s data saving.

Opera just compresses files better than any other browser, meaning that it costs you less data to open up a web page or to view a video online. Because of this compression this isn’t the fastest browser on our list, you’re going to be waiting a second or two before a page opens (though when it does you get the whole page, there’s no waiting for extra videos or pics to load into text). If you want data savings though, that small inconvenience is more than worth it.

Best for Low Memory/Older Phones: APUS


APUS might not be a name that you’re familiar with, and their browser is a pretty new release, but given that the download is only 0.6 MB, it’s the smallest browser around. This means that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone, leaving you with plenty of storage for other things. It also means that it’s a great choice for older smartphones, that don’t have the huge processing power or hefty memories of newer models.

It’s got some neat little features too, particularly for such a slim line browser. You have the option to disable images when loading a page, which will help save both time and data. And when you copy text from anywhere on your phone, APUS will prompt you to search for that text online, which is kind of convenient. So if you’re on an older model, or just running low on space, then APUS is a great choice.

Best for the Impatient: Puffin Browser


Do you frequently get irritated at just how long it takes a stupid web page to open up on your phone? If you answered yes, then Puffin Browser should be top of your app list. This is by far the fastest browser on the market, since it transfers material to a cloud server before transferring it to your phone (which means big files transfer better over smaller bandwidth, either that or it’s magic, we’re not quite sure). There’s not much more to say about Puffin Browser except that it’s lightening fast, though it does have some pesky little ads at the bottom of the screen which some users might not like.

Best for Tech Geeks: Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta

Nope, this isn’t just regular old Chrome (which is an awesome browser anyway), this is the beta version. With Chrome Beta you get all the Chrome updates before anyone else, you get new features that no one else has, and though you can provide feedback on these things you don’t have to. If you like being ahead of the game, then Chrome Beta should be your browser of choice. Just be warned that there are occasional stability issues (usually just the browser freezing or closing down) since this is beta…

Best for the Busy: Link Bubble Browser


Okay, technically this isn’t quite a browser, since it doesn’t have a search function, but hear us out before you dismiss it. Link Bubble Browser is a smart little “browser aid.” When you click on a link somewhere, Link Bubble Browser works to load that page in the background, giving you a head’s up when the page is fully loaded. This lets you continue with your reading, playing, or browsing on another browser until the page you chose is actually readable. So no, it’s not technically a browser, but the time saving convenience of Link Bubble Browser more than makes up for that in our opinion.

Best for Unique Flowers: Firefox


Finally, you’re probably already familiar with Firefox, but if you like things a little different, then the immense customisation options of the browser should appeal to you. Yes, Firefox can do all the usual stuff, syncing between devices, private browsing, and all that jazz. But it will also allow you to do things like add themes, reorganise home panels, and there’s a huge list of add ons so that you can design your Firefox experience to be whatever you want it to be. Plus, there’s reader mode, which displays only the text in an article, very handy for mobile use…