The Apps You Need to Delete Right Now!

by Sandra Henshaw - , Last Updated on March 6, 2016, App Guides

Most people’s smart phones are loaded down with apps, and some of those apps are awesome. Who could live without a decent messaging app, or a good email client, right? But not all apps are doing you a favour. In fact, some apps might even be costing you money. That’s why we’re taking a look at the apps that you might want to delete. Okay, not everyone will want to delete all of these, but it’s worth considering doing so if you want to save yourself money, battery life, and storage space on your mobile.

Anything You Don’t Use

We’ll start with a common sense rule: if you don’t use an app, then delete it. That should go without saying, since apps you don’t use are simply taking up valuable storage space. However, not all apps will show up on your home screens, so you’ll need to head into your app drawer to find everything that you’ve downloaded.

As far as deletion goes, you can usually just delete an app straight from your app drawer (though some apps, particularly ones that were already on your phone when you bought it, can’t be deleted at all). But if you want a full deletion (deleting the app as well as deleting all data associated with it), then you’ll need an app like ES File Explorer to do the job for you.


Wait, hold up, hear us out on this one first, okay? We’re not suggesting that you stop using Facebook. However, the Facebook app is one of the most battery hungry and data hungry of them all, meaning you might want to kick it out of your app drawer. And no, that doesn’t mean doing without Facebook on your phone. An easy work around for this is to open Facebook on your phone’s browser, then simply create a shortcut to it that will show up on your home screen. You won’t get notifications from Facebook direct to your phone, but you will be able to open up Facebook any time you like with the click of an icon. Simple and elegant.

Cleaning Apps

Quite a few people fall for the marketing jazz of cleaning apps (Clean Master is probably the most popular of these), which promise to clean up your phone and give you lightening fast performance again. However, these apps are not only completely useless (we’ll tell you why in a second), but they’re packed with ads that can eat up that monthly data plan.

Why are they useless? Because all cleaning apps do is regularly clean out your phone’s “cache memory,” something that you can easily do yourself. Head into your settings menu and find storage, and somewhere in those menus you should find an option to “clear cache,” hit it and the job is done. See, you don’t need an app to do that, do you?

Online Storage Apps

Okay, here’s the deal. Online or cloud storage is awesome, it lets you keep your data in the cloud so you don’t clog up your phone. However, not all cloud services are created equal and not all of them are really necessary. Sure, if you’re a big photographer then Google Photo might be important for you. If you take a picture a week then delete the app, you don’t need it and the app is taking up more space than it’s saving you by sending your pics to the cloud. The same goes for that Google Drive app. Unless you regularly access documents on your phone (which most of us don’t), you don’t need access to your Google Drive. Dropbox? If you don’t have your phone set up to store info directly to Dropbox, then delete it.

The truth is that most phones these days automatically store things on the cloud anyway (iPhones with Apple’s iCloud service, and Androids with your Google account), rendering a lot of these extra storage apps useless.

Gaming Apps

If you’re like most people then you’ve got a ton of games on your phone, most of which you played for a while and never touched again. Yes, we’re talking about that Draw Something craze, and Words with Friends. All that stuff should go. In fact, if you don’t have a whole lot of free time then most games should just be deleted anyway. Think how much extra time you’d have without Candy Crush…

Bloatware or “Unremovable” Apps

It’s an unfortunate truth that most phones these days come with a bunch of pre-loaded apps that no one ever uses. You might already know this, and you might even have already tried to delete these apps. However, deleting pre-installed apps can be tough, with most phones not allowing you to do so. We’re going to let you into a little secret though: with a few exceptions you CAN delete those unremovable apps. How you do this will depend on your phone model, but Google “delete bloatware phone model” and you should find some easy to follow guides that will help you.

Your Default Web Browser

Last up, you might want to think about deleting that default web browser that came with your phone. Most of us have a browser preference, and even if you don’t there are plenty of free browsers to choose from on the market. Which browser works for you will depend on your needs, but chances are there’s a better option for you out there than whatever was automatically included on your phone. So ditch the default and choose something better!

Smart phone apps can be great, and it seems like there’s an app for everything these days. But the truth is that many of us don’t need a lot of the things that we’ve downloaded onto our phones, and since those apps are taking up memory and may be using your data plan too, it just makes sense to delete them. It’s time to cut the cord and clean out your phone!