Tales of Smart Phone Stupidity

by Sandra Henshaw - , Last Updated on February 15, 2016, How To Guides

Smart phones are smart, but users aren’t always perhaps as smart as they should be. So we’re taking a look at some of the funniest, weirdest, and downright bizarre mobile stories we’ve heard. We’re not standing in judgement here, we have our bad days too, but sometimes you really have to wonder what on earth people are thinking. Ready for a laugh? Or maybe screams of embarrassed horror? Then read on…

The Charger

Hand To God

Hand To God

Okay, running out of mobile battery is never fun, and if you’re waiting for that all important phone call or message, then sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Maybe you politely ask a waiter if you can plug in your phone, maybe you stop for a coffee and get the job done in a cafe. But a certain young man at a Broadway theatre took things a step too far recently.

The man, who has so far remained unnamed, jumped up onto the stage and attempted to plug his phone in to charge. Other audience members heckled him, and after failing to plug in his mobile, he went back to his seat. Why couldn’t he plug in his phone? Because it was a theatre. With a stage set. The plug socket was fake… Lesson learned, kids: theatres are not to be trusted when it comes to electrical sockets…

The Tragedy

Moscow International Business Center,

Moscow International Business Center

This story isn’t funny at all, but does teach a valuable lesson. Many of us these days take selfies, those mobile pics that you can send to Facebook and the like showing you doing cool things. Selfies have become a social phenomenon, and it’s commonplace to see people posing with a phone in outstretched arm. But sometimes selfies go wrong.

Late last year, a 21 year old Russian girl plunged forty feet to her death whilst trying to take a selfie. On a graduation trip with friends, the girl leant against a fence over a ravine to get the perfect shot next to the Moscow International Business Center, and when the fence gave way, she fell and later died of her injuries. The girl’s death has prompted the Russian government to start a “safe selfies” campaign, to hopefully prevent anything of the like from happening again…

The Thief

Stranger Who Stole Phone

The phone user in this story is actually very smart, it’s more someone else who was dumb, but still, let this be a lesson to us all. The story starts off with a young, female German tourist on holiday in Ibiza, having a great time on the beach with her friends. Unfortunately, at some point during all this fun, the German woman’s mobile was stolen. Still, she figured worse things could happen, chalked it up to experience and bought herself a new mobile.

It wasn’t until weeks later that the woman noticed that new pictures had been added to her computer. The phone that had been stolen had been set to automatically send pictures and videos to the woman’s computer, and the thief had not disabled this function. And so the website “Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Mobile” was born.

For the next few months, the German woman posted all of Hafid’s escapades online (she rapidly found out the thief’s name). From his inexpert attempts to seduce her female friends using her Skype account, to the pictures that he took with friends and family. We’re unclear on whether Hafid suffered any punishment for his theft, other than embarrassment, but still. The lesson: make sure your phone syncs to your computer. Oh, and make sure you delete settings if you decide to steal a mobile…

The Famous Dude

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton – Phone Thrower

It’s not unusual for stars to ask that you don’t take pics or record with your mobile phone at gigs, and most of us are polite enough to refrain from pulling out our devices. But not everyone has good manners. At a Peter Frampton gig in Indiana, USA, audience members were warned about videoing and flash photographer. When a couple close to the stage started filming with a smart phone, Frampton himself asked them to stop. But they didn’t.

What happened next was awesome. Frampton grabbed the offending phone and threw it into the air where it got stuck in the rafters of the auditorium. No word on what happened next, but seriously? Peter Frampton tells you to switch your mobile off, you switch it off!

The Swimmer

We all know that you shouldn’t text and drive, right? Well, maybe you shouldn’t text and walk either. Quite apart from being annoying, it could be downright dangerous. Two teens hanging out on a pier in Michigan heard a splash, and after hurrying to the lake found a woman drowning. Fortunately, both boys could swim and rapidly pulled the woman out, saving her life. How did she fall in? She’d been walking down the pier and texting at the same time, and didn’t notice that the pier had run out until she hit the water…

The Criminal

Smartphone Butt Dialled

This is a story of well deserved punishment. A California man, looking to shoot and kill another man, accidentally revealed his entire murder plan to the police. How? By keeping his mobile phone in his back pocket. Apparently, he “butt dialled” the police whilst talking to a friend about what he was planning, revealing the whole plot to the stunned emergency services responder on the other end of the line. Plenty of lessons here, but not keeping your phone in your back pocket has to be one of them…

Having a smart phone is pretty cool, not to mention convenient, but how you end up using it is up to you. There is such a thing as mobile etiquette, after all, not to mention just general health and safety. Hopefully, you’ve learned a little something from other people’s tales of woe. Just be warned: your phone can get you into some pretty serious trouble!