Why You Should Switch Mobile Operators

by Brandon Ackroyd - , Last Updated on December 5, 2014, How To Guides

We know, your mobile operator is like a comfy old blanket. You’ve been with them forever, and you’re just, well, used to them. You know how they work, what they like, what they hate, where you get reception. But the truth is that you might benefit from switching mobile providers. Why? Let us tell you…

New Customer Benefits

Okay, so, you might be a loyal customer to your old mobile operator, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re treating you right. Whilst many operators do have slightly discounted rates for returning customers, nearly all providers have awesome incentive packages to lure new customers into their stores.

If you’re looking for a hot new phone, or some free services, or even a gimme like a free tablet or other incentive gift, you stand a much better chance of getting them if you’re a new customer. The UK mobile market is extremely competitive, and it makes sense that operators will do anything they can to get new contract signers through the door. We’ll admit that this isn’t always the case, but there’s a fair chance that by switching operators and becoming that coveted “new customer” you could end up with some nice advantages.

It’s Easy

Another reason that you might want to switch operators is that it’s just so easy, and we’ll bet that it’s much simpler than you think. You even get to keep your current mobile number- so you don’t need to text everyone in your phone your new digits. The process of keeping your number is pretty easy too.

All you need to do is ask your current operator for your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) before ending your contract. You should get this number within a week, and it will be valid for thirty days. Take your valid PAC to your new operator when you sign your new contract and they’ll take care of the rest. How easy is that? It might take a day or so for your number to start working (some operators will give you a temporary number during this time period) but then you’ll be good to go.

If what’s putting you off making the change is the worry of being wrapped up in bureaucracy, or losing your precious phone number, then you’ve got nothing to fear. Switching operators is incredibly easy these days.

Your Needs Have Changed

How old were you when you signed your first mobile contract? Chances are that you were pretty young, maybe even a student. Now that you’re a little older (or should we say more mature?) it’s pretty likely that your mobile needs have changed. Maybe you’re making more business calls, maybe you go out of the country more. Maybe you even want to add extra family members onto your phone plan.

The brutal truth is that not all mobile operators are created equal. Some operators are better at different things, and that could be beneficial to you. Tmobile tends to have the best deals on big calling plans, for example, whilst Three is the company to go with if you want an unlimited data plan.

Switching operators can mean that you get a phone plan that’s better suited to your needs, and in the end that means a more satisfied customer (that’s you) with more money in their pocket. You’ll need to do a little research, but a couple of hours of comparing plans could mean that you save big time on your monthly bills.

You Could Save Cash

Saving money is a pretty big incentive these days, which of us doesn’t want more cash at the end of the month? And switching operators could mean healthy savings for you. This is mostly due to the calling packages that providers have to offer.

As you probably know a calling package is made up of three things: a monthly calling minute limit, a monthly text message limit, and a monthly mobile data limit. Different operators have different package combinations, so whilst one operator will tend to give lots of minutes, another will tend to give lots of data.

Finding the package that matches your needs as closely as possible means money saving. Why? Because when package limits are too high you’re paying for services that you don’t use, and when package limits are too low you’re paying extra fees (which are scarily expensive) for going over your limits.

If you take a look at your old mobile bills you can get an idea of what kind of monthly limits you need. Then just find an operator that offers a package that matches those needs and switch. Bingo, monthly savings for you.

Then There’s 4G…

One final reason that you might want to think about switching mobile operators is to get decent 4G service. 4G is the newest mobile data technology, and basically it gives you faster mobile internet, which is always a good thing, right?

The thing is though that 4G requires a different kind of infrastructure than regular 3G, and not all UK operators have this infrastructure, or have it in all areas of the country. Right now EE are the best bet for good 4G coverage, though that will depend on where you live. If your current operator isn’t offering 4G in your area, it might be worth switching to one that does, or at least one that’s planning to expand into your area soon.

You can find out more about your operator’s 4G coverage and expansion plans by visiting their website, or check out the OFCOM website for more info on 4G in the UK.

Tons of people stay with the same mobile operator, signing and re-signing contracts out of habit, wanting to avoid the hassle of making a switch. But considering leaving your current provider could mean some nice benefits for you as a customer, whether that’s new services, free gifts, or saving money. We promise that switching your operator is as simple as pie, and there’s really no reason to not at least investigate your other options. There’s nothing to lose, and a lot to gain!