Smartphones Killing Sex Lives in the UK

by Sandra Henshaw - , Last Updated on January 10, 2019, Press Releases

Couples attachment to their smartphone is killing their sex lives according to a new survey.

The finding comes after a survey revealed that 75% couples sit in silence on a night browsing social networks on their phones rather than engaging in face to face interaction. Whilst a shocking 40% have turned down the advancements of their partner in favour of playing on their phone.

The survey commissioned by and carried out by Market Research and Polling Agency Carter Digby asked 1500 couples in the UK between 18-30 a range of questions on their sex lives and smartphone usage habits. The results paint a worrying picture:

  • 75% of couples prefer to chat with online followers who they may never have met in real life than talk to their partner in the flesh.
  • 40% have turned down sex with their partner in favour of playing on their smartphone.
  • 85% admitted to texting or social networking the dinner table.
  • 74% said they got angry when they were interrupted while using a smart phone.
  • 28% revealed they have even checked their phone during sexual intercourse.

Rob Myers, Marketing Director at had the following to say about the results:

Smartphones are important but they shouldn't come at the expense of real-life relationships. More couples are sacrificing their sex lives for addictive apps and the materialistic world of Facebook and Twitter. Fun between the sheets is disappearing down the drain for something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago and the figures are shocking.

Keen to lend a hand the team at Tiger Mobiles have come up with a 5 step plan to help couples start communicating again.

“Kicking the smartphone habit is all about focus and discipline” says Mr Myers, “It will take will power but if you can retrain your brain not to need to check your smartphone every 5 minutes then you’ll replace that with human interaction.”

Tiger Mobiles’ 5 Tips for Regaining Control of Your Sex Life

1. Try asserting some self-control over your phone.

If you’re going out for dinner leave your smartphone at home, real conversation will feel liberating and get you into good habits.

2. Use your phone as a sex initiator.

Rather than letting your phone get in the way of sex use it instead to add some spice to foreplay. Send your partner a sexy pic, or “sext” describing a fantasy or your plans with him or her for the evening.

3. Keep your phone outside of the bedroom or put it in a drawer out of reach.

This will help you resist the temptation to check your phone in bed and if it’s out of reach you will automatically switch your attention onto something else.

4. Schedule smartphone down times.
Whether it’s for an hour a day or a few times per week, pick times with your partner to completely disconnect yourselves from your phone. You could even take this a step further by scheduling “date nights” where smartphones are left at home.

5. Reframe and Revalue.

Learn to recognise when you’re getting the urge to check your phone. When that urge surfaces recognise it as you’re brain trying to deceive you into thinking you will miss something. The reality is you’re not. Remember you are not your brain and you don’t have to respond to everything it tells you to do.

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