Introducing Present Drop (or Groo’s New Job) – Win an iPhone 6S For Christmas

by Tiger Mobiles - , Last Updated on August 21, 2017, News

Christmas is coming and… we’ve got a problem here at Tiger Mobiles. See, Santa obviously needs a roof to land on and, well, we’ve been having some issues with ours. Rain isn’t a problem, since we just send an intern around with buckets, but the weight of Santa, nine reindeer and a sleigh full of presents could result in a very messy (and traumatising) disaster.

We got on to Santa and tried to persuade him to use half the reindeer, or to go on a crash diet, neither of which particularly appealed to him. So he came up with a new plan: he’s going to put parachutes on the pressies and then drop them down to us. This seemed perfect, until our intern refused to go up on the roof. Apparently buckets are one thing, but heights are quite another…

Fortunately, we’ve got Groo. Groo’s agreed to do the job for us, being light of foot and not afraid of heights (and for an additional ration of mayonnaise and chocolate sandwiches). Problem is, dear Groo isn’t quite as sharp of eye (or as co ordinated) as we’d like. Which is where you come in.

No, wait, you don’t have to get on the roof, hear us out. All you need to do is head over to our new Present Drop game and press the right or left side of your phone screen (or right and left buttons on your keyboard) to direct Groo to catch the presents. We’ll take care of delivering them to the right person, so don’t worry about that. You’ll only have to do it for sixty seconds or so, just see how many you can help him catch!

Presents Mean Prizes

Top the Daily Leaderboard and Win an Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What’s in it for you, you ask? Can we tempt you with a nice choccy and mayo sandwich? No? We thought not. Well, what about this… We’ll be giving the top scorer every day from December 1st to December 19th   an Anker Bluetooth Speaker. Entries close at midnight each day and we’ll announce the winners right here on our blog and on Facebook.

Bluetooth Speaker

Daily Winners Get a Bluetooth Speaker

Top the Overall Leaderboard by December 20th and Win an iPhone 6S

Win an iPhone 6S

The Overall Top Scorer on December 20th Wins an iPhone 6S

Oh, think you’re that great? Well if you’re the very, very best, and get the overall high score by midnight December 20th we’ll be sending you a brand new 16GB iPhone 6S in a colour of your choice. Not bad, eh? Check out the leaderboard screen on the game to find out who you need to beat (as well as your global position if you’re outside the top ten).

Important Info

  • Prizes are only available to residents of the United Kingdom
  • There’s no age restrictions but we do ask that players under 18 get permission from a parent to play
  • Any players caught trying to cheat the game will be banned and if they were in line to win a prize, this will be forfeited.
  • Full terms and conditions apply

What You Need To Do Right Now

  • Head over to Present Drop
  • Control Groo using left and right to catch as many presents as you can
  • Record your score (requires a Facebook account).
  • See how you’re doing by checking the leaderboard screen built into the game – there’s a daily and overall leaderboard
  • Daily winners win an bluetooth speaker the overall winner wins an iPhone 6S 16GB. Simple!

Groo and all of us here at Tiger Mobiles wish you the very best of luck. And now we have to go and persuade Groo to stop practising, the shrieking of claws on slate is starting to give us a headache, and the RSPCA has already called us twice…

Present Drop