The Best Business Apps

by Sandra Henshaw - , Last Updated on August 21, 2014, App Guides

A mobile phone isn’t just for personal use and fun and games. A great mobile can be a valuable business tool as well, and we’re not just talking about making those business calls either. There are tons of great business apps on the market for mobiles, whether you’re using iOS or Android, so if you’re a company man at heart, then you might want to check some of these out.



Email marketing is big business these days, and if your company is already using MailChimp to create and send your campaigns, then the MailChimp mobile app should be top of your app list. Whilst the website allows you to design your campaigns, the MailChimp app is mostly for analysis, letting you get all the facts and figures that you need about who’s opening your mails, and you can get your mailing list too. That’s just the free version, with the paid premium version you’ll be able to do lots more. For email marketers, MailChimp is a great little app to have, and it’s available through both the iTunes store and Google Play.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco Webex App

How can you be in business if you don’t have meetings? You might hate them, but meetings are a part of business life. And with this handy app you’ll be able to have meetings any time you want, wherever you are. Cisco WebEx Meetings uses a two way video and a camera switcher to let as many participants as you want take part in a web meeting. Unlike plenty of other meeting apps, WebEx will also let you attach files to a meeting space, so you can share presentations. With the free version you can have three participants per meeting plus 250 MB of storage, for more than that though you’ll need to go premium. Cisco WebEx Meetings is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


Trip It

Whilst not being a business app per se, TripIt is a worthy addition to any frequent business traveller’s phone. The app basically plans trips, letting you schedule flights (and letting you know about flight information such as delays close to your flight time), hotel reservations and all kinds of other fancy things. You make your bookings the usual way, making sure to so them through the email address registered to your phone, and TripIt extracts the information from your emails, as simple as that. It’s free and available for iPhone and Android. You’ll have all your business trip information handy, all in one place, and you won’t have to lift a finger to enter it. Sweet, right?



Keeping track of business expenses can be a nightmare. Hands up anyone who keeps stacks of receipts in their pocket, wallet, or glove compartment. Fortunately, Expensify is here to make yout life easier. You can log in your expenses, manage your expense reports and even photograph receipts to keep on file in your phone (way neater than keeping them in your pockets). Expensify is free and available for iPhone, Windows, Android and Blackberry. But if your company signs up for a corporate account then you’ll get even more cool features to play with.



Nearly everyone uses social media as part of their job these days, but keeping track of all those accounts and passwords can get tricky, which is where HootSuite comes in. You can manage all of your accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare) from one app, set updates to publish automatically and get all notifications through the same service. HootSuite can even be used by teams for corporate account management too. It’s free and comes for iOS and Android too.



Okay, there are tons of messaging apps around, but Yammer has to be our top pick for business and project management. In its basic form Yammer is simply a group chat app that allows team members to communicate from their mobiles wherever they are. However, with plenty of aadd on apps you can pretty much make Yammer do anything that you want. Add a project tracker, or file and photo sharing, for example. Whatever your project is, you’ll be able to design the messaging app that your team needs, and that’s what makes Yammer stand out. It’s free and can be used on iPhones or Androids.


Log Me In

At heart, LogMeIn is a remote access tool, but it’s a pretty impressive one. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be able to access your desktop computer from your mobile wherever you are. Forget a file or a whole presentation? No probs, just download it through LogMeIn. More than that though, LogMeIn will also let you run PC business programmes from your phone (think Microsoft Office or SAP). For business people constantly on the go, LogMeIn is just the thing for covering your bases, you never know when you might forget something, after all. LogMeIn is free, though there’s a paid version that offers more security and some extra features, and is available for iPhone and Android.


Cam Scanner

CamScanner is one of those apps that’s just endlessly useful. The app turns your phone into a scanner, letting you scan documents, invoices, business cards, receipts and anything else that you need a digital copy of. It also has features that let you clean images up to make them more readable, which sets CamScanner apart from most other scanning apps. It’s free and designed for Android and iPhone.



LinkedIn is the granddaddy of business networking sites, and if you’re a fan then you’ll want to download the mobile app. Keep all your business contacts stored in one place, track job applications, follow your favourite groups, the LinkedIn app lets you do pretty much everything that the LinkIn website lets you do. For business networkers, there’s nothing better than LinkedIn and the app is free whether you’re using Android or iPhone.


Cloud On

We’ll be honest here and say that yes, you can buy Microsoft Office in a mobile version, but it’s pretty pricey. Our preferred option is to download CloudOn instead. Like many other apps CloudOn will let you run Microsoft Office on your phone, but unlike many other apps CloudOn is specially designed to work on a touch screen phone and supports lots of the more advanced Office features. All this and it’s free too, for both iPhone and Android.



Finally, Evernote is the ultimate in note taking apps. Sure, there are tons of note apps out there, but Evernote really is the best. Not only can you take notes and make lists, but add on apps will also let you clip out web pages, take sound notes, and all kinds of other cool things. You’ll be able to access your notes from your phone or from any computer through the Evernote website, and you’ll be able to share your notes with colleagues as well. Evernote is awesome, free, and designed for iOS and Android.

Have we missed any business apps that you can’t live without? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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